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Who’s that guy? Has Kylie Padilla found another love?

by Izel Abanilla

OVER a year after her marriage to actor Aljur Abrenica has ended in a sour note,  has actress Kylie Padilla found a new love? 

As she opted to welcome 2023 in Thailand, Padilla shared with her followers photos not only of her travel but even so her adventures with a “fellow wanderer” who got netizens thinking could be her new love. 

On Instagram, the actress dedicated several posts about her Thailand trip. Among those was a video showing the beauty of the countryside which also featured her alleged new beau. 

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

Who’s that guy?

Netizens could see Padilla was with someone special. Although neither his face nor his name had been revealed, one could easily take notice that the guy was sporting tattoos in visible parts of his body.

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

Aren’t they sweet?

What sealed the rumor was a photo showing two holding each other’s hands while walking.

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

Obviously, they are exploring lovely sights in Thailand side by side. Obviously, they are a couple. Or, aren’t they? 

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

In other posts, Padilla only uploaded photos of herself. 

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

She seems to be really having fun. 

Image: Screen grabbed from @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

Back in May last year, Padilla admitted that she was indeed dating somebody else. She said  that she was now on good terms with Abrenica who, on the other hand, has been repeatedly asked if he had fathered a love child with sexy actress AJ Raval. 

After three years of marriage, Abrenica and Padilla finally called it quits in 2021. Although many have pointed fingers to Raval, Abrenica has repeatedly denied that Raval had any involvement in the break-up. 

Both Padilla and Abrenica said they are co-parenting their children Alas and Axl. 

Photo credit: Kylie Padilla via @kylienicole Instagram



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