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Who’s in, who’s out in your favorite TV channel

by Izel Abanilla

AS they say, nothing is ever permanent. 

Just like ordinary people, celebrities, too, transfer jobs or networks,  and it isn’t something new.

Every now and then, the public is greeted with celebrity network transfers for various reasons. 

Through the years, stars have switched and switched back networks. Some did because of age-old “career-growth” reasons while others unfortunately tarnished their relationship with their management leaving them with no choice but to leave and transfer. 

Here are some of the most notable network transfers that shocked Philippine television. 

  1. Janine Gutierrez 

Janine Gutierrez via @janinegutierrez Instagram 

A home-grown talent of the Kapuso network, Janine welcomed 2021 with the big career move of transfering to the Kapamilya network after months of speculation about her next big move. 

Janine ended her 10-year stay with GMA when she inked an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN last January 15, 2021. 

She was also the first Kapamilya transferee following the network’s franchise non-renewal. Prior to her transfer, she was spotted having dinner with some ABS-CBN executives further prompting rumors that the then Kapuso actress would indeed soon be a Kapamilya. 

  1. Bea Alonzo 

Bea Alonzo via @beaalonzo Instagram

The movie queen’s network move was the most celebrated Kapamilya-to-Kapuso transfer in recent history. As one of the most successful products of ABS-CBN, Bea has done some of the network’s biggest and most ambitious movie and television projects. 

Yet after 18 years of stellar Kapamilya career, Bea decided to be a Kapuso. She officially inked her exclusive network contract with GMA on July 1, 2021. 

But her transfer did not slide easy. She was heavily criticized for being “ungrateful” and supposedly leaving an unfinished project behind titled “Kahit Minsan Lang.” Because of this, she received major backlash, not just from some netizens, but even from people within the network as well. 

In fact, one of the network executives who seemed to have thrown shade at her was the Star Creatives head for creatives Henry Quitain. Although the actress was not mentioned, it was pretty obvious that he was alluding to her. 

Despite criticisms though, Bea said this about her decision: “It felt right.” Now more than a year within the Kapuso fence, Bea seems to be doing well. 

Although she started with ABS-CBN in 2002 via the teens series “K2BU,” it was her role as Katrina Argos in the mega hit ‘Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay” in 2002 where she made the public fall for her. It was also her first project with screen partner and then experimental love team John Lloyd Cruz. 

She then went on to do “It Might Be You,” “Maging Sino Ka Man,” “i Love Betty La Fea,” “Magkaribal” and many others. 

She is also eternally remembered for her iconic role as Basha in the generational hit movie “One More Chance” in 2007. 

Her last project with ABS-CBN was “A Love To Last” in 2017. 

Bea is now busy doing the Philippine adaptation of the Korean hit drama “Start-Up PH.” 

  1. Sunshine Dizon 

Sunshine DIzon via @m_sunshinedizon

Undoubtedly, Sunshine is one of the best products of the Kapuso network. Having started as a child star and eventually a teen star in the late ‘90s, the award-winning actress spent some 25 years as a contract artist of GMA. Because of this, many thought she would stay a Kapuso forever. 

However, in 2021, she decided to try her luck at being a Kapamilya. On April 30, 2021, the actress finally sealed her contract with ABS-CBN. 

During interviews at the height of her transfer, the actress was quoted to have said “I just knew in my heart it was meant to be.” 

She was also candid enough to speak about the practicality of network switching, “Sa akin, work is work. Sa panahon ngayon, I think we should all be grateful and thankful that we are able to work.” 

She was then immediately cast in the Kapamilya series “Marry Me, Marry You” headlined by fellow former GMA stars Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez. 

  1. John Lloyd Cruz 

John Lloyd Cruz via @johnlloydcruztm

After his four-year hiatus, the ultimate leading man John Lloyd Cruz finally made his showbiz comeback. Before he completely disappeared from the public eye, John Lloyd’s whereabouts raised public concern. This was the time when he was constantly seen with former partner, actress Ellen Adarna. They however never admitted their relationship until news of Ellen’s pregnancy came out. 

His fans worried for the actor who, at that time, was seen exhibiting “disturbing” behavior on social media. Because of this, he and ABS-CBN agreed that he takes an “indefinite leave” to attend to “personal matters.” 

His abrupt leave from showbiz immensely affected his Kapamilya sitcom, “Home Sweetie Home.” 

The actor seemed to have relished the feeling of being an ordinary citizen as shown in some sightings of him doing ordinary stuff like riding in a jeepney, munching street food, even just simply walking around. 

Then in 2021, he made his comeback. He first signed up with friend Maja Salvador’s Crown Artist Management. 

He officially became a Kapuso last November 9, 2021. So far, John Lloyd has been doing sitcoms like the Kapuso comedy “Happy ToGetHer.” 

  1. Pokwang 

Pokwang via @itspokwang27

Another Kapamilya-turned-Kapuso was comedienne Pokwang whose real name is Marietta Subong. 

GMA Artist Center announced last June 18, 2021 that the actress has finally moved in. In one of her posts, she expressed gratitude for the network for their warm welcome. 

Before her Kapuso journey, Pokwang built a successful career as a mainstay of ABS-CBN for over 15 years. She however clarified that her move was supported by the bosses of ABS-CBN. 

  1. Beauty Gonzalez

Beauty Gonzalez via @beauty_gonzalez Instagram

On June 11, 2021, GMA Network announced the official transfer of Beauty and that she was its newest talent. In interviews, Beauty opened up about feeling both nervous and excited at jumping into the Kapuso fence. As a natural comedian, she also quipped about being open to do comedy roles. 

The actress started her career as part of “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus” in 2008 where she won as 4th grand placer. She is best known for her roles as Teri Laurel in “Pusong Ligaw” and Romina Mondragon in “Kadenang Ginto.”

  1. Xian Lim 

Xian Lim via @xianlimm Instagram

Xian is among the Kapamilya gems to transfer to GMA. His happiness and excitement at exploring a new world was evident. His Kapuso move was confirmed a week after his collaboration with Jennylyn Mercado for the series “Love. Die. Repeat” was announced. 

The actor shot to fame in 2009 when he was cast in the Kapamilya series “Katorse.” He remained a Kapamilya until his transfer to GMA. 

Xian himself confirmed his transfer to the network in an interview on Kapuso flagship newscast “24 Oras” last August 27, 2021. 

  1. Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe via @lovipoe Instagram 

After 15 years of being a Kapuso, Lovi joined the ranks of Kapamilya stars when she inked a contract with the network on September 16, 2021. 

IT was a “decision for myself,” she said.

Unlike those transfers driven by end of contract, Lovi revealed that GMA actually made a counter offer but she wanted to leave her comfort zone. 

Lovi became known when she starred in the primetime series “Bakekang.” 

  1. Jayson Gainza 

Jayson Gainza via Sparkle GMA Artist Center

Comedian Jayson Gainza is another addition to the Kapuso roster. He inked his contract last November 22 at the GMA Annex Studio 7 in Quezon City. 

As he switched networks, he never forgot to say his gratitude to his embattled network for his successful career. 

After his stint at PBB, he went on to do comedy roles. HIs most notable was  his portrayal as Tito Bhoy Aboonduh in the reality gag show “Banana Split.” 

  1. Bianca Manalo

Bianca Manalo via Sparkle GMA Artist Center Facebook 

Along with Jayson, Bianca has also officially signed up to be a Kapuso. Just like Jayson, Bianca also expressed her excitement about this new chapter in her life. She also noted the warm welcome of everyone in the network, especially the executives. 

She was last seen doing the Kapamilya series “The Broken Marriage Vow.” 



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