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RIP Twitter?: Alternative socmed apps in case the bird app perishes

by Jericho Zafra

EARLIER this week, Twitter went viral again after #GoodByeTwitter trended. Users speculated that the microblogging site is shutting down after a mass exodus of workers and the closure of offices courtesy of its chief executive officer Elon Musk.

Many users began worrying about what was to come for the platform as it had witnessed all their fair share of rants, life dramas, and even their opinions about society. 

Journalist Lian Buan tweeted Friday that “Devts [developments] around Twitter is upsetting personally because I grew up around *that* time where teens like me found solace in the invisible hug of the internet. And no matter how much this had changed for me (I’ve now retreated to a private IG), to lose this space feels like a defeat.”

As soon as Twitter leaves the digital sphere, everything will immediately disappear. 

Here are some Twitter-like alternatives that you might want to consider (in case Twitter takes you unawares):


After Musk changed Twitter policies in early November, users already shared Twitter alternatives that people may use to prepare for the possible shutdown of the platform. One of them is Mastodon

Users of Mastodon can post, follow other users and groups, like and repost other users’ posts (called boosts), and more, just like Twitter. But Mastodon is not a single microblogging platform even though it supports many of the same social networking functions as Twitter. It is a consortium of servers that are run separately but are connected to one another.

According to the German-based platform, since October 27, more than one million users have signed up for Mastodon. Because of this and because some went back into their old accounts, the current number of active users has increased to over 1.6 million, which is almost three times its numbers since the start of November.

Hive Social

Hive Social is a combination of all your favorite social networks. It has features similar to Twitter, Instagram, and even Spotify.

On November 18, Hive Social made news when its server became temporarily unavailable due to the large number of people that were signing up for it. According to the company, the number of new users increased from 40,000 to 80,000 in just one day. 

Some of the primary functions of Hive Social include the ability to upload material to your profile such as music, text and image postings, surveys, and question-and-answer forums, among other content.


Koo is a microblogging platform that is accessible all around the world and has more than 50 million users coming from over 200 different nations, according to Apple. 

Users are allowed to communicate their ideas in the language of their preference while using the platform. It is a repository for social news and updates contributed by millions of users.


Reddit is a website that combines social news distribution with a community forum. Posts on the site are voted up or down by other users to determine their prominence. 

The website is made up of hundreds of smaller communities that are referred to as subreddits. Each of Reddit’s subreddits focuses on a certain subject area, such as gaming, politics, music, and other topics relevant to society. 

Counter Social

Have you ever imagined a social media website with no trolls, disinformation, or abuse? Counter Social has you covered. This social network is well-known for its stringent policies prohibiting trolls and false information. 

The website does not display advertisements and does not provide any promotional material.

However, users can sign up for premium Counter Social accounts for $4.99 per month to enjoy other exclusive benefits like a variety of embedded news channels and more.

These social media applications may now make you ask, is it time to let go of Twitter? Might as well start knowing other alternatives before it’s too late.

Is sepanx (separation anxiety) real? Well, not if you start moving on while Twitter has not left you yet. 

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