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Netflix kicks off ‘Lookism’ adaptation 

by Joyce Remo

POPULAR streaming service Netflix has released the animated adaptation of popular manhwa Lookism.

The manhwa — a Korean genre of graphic novels and comics — was first published in paperback format by &Book (대원앤북) in May 2017.

With appealing visuals and unique plot twists, Lookism’s prominence surged in South Korea.

Due to its popularity, LINE Webtoon, an online manhwa viewing platform, serialized the series in English one month after its release, making it available for international public consumption. 

According to the Webtoon app, over 644.9 million users have read the graphic novel, which garnered a 9.78 out of 10 rating.

Photo courtesy: Netflix’s Twitter account

Lookism’s storyline revolves around 17-year-old Park Hyung Suk, a short, overweight, unattractive high school student constantly bullied by his classmates for his looks.

In an attempt to escape his bullies, Hyung Suk decided to transfer to a different school. Before his transfer, he awoke and found himself in a new body that was entirely different from his — handsome, tall, and magnificently toned.

The only downside was that his original body still lay beside him. When one is awake, the other body is asleep.

Possessing two bodies, Hyung Suk started his new-found life while attempting to uncover the mysteries of his new body.

Lookism is a story that illustrates Korean society’s alleged maltreatment of people who don’t live up to certain beauty standards. It also sheds light on the many cases of bullying that young people are suffering from.

In a Netflix interview, Lookism creator T-Jun, or Park Tae Joon said he combined the experiences he gained in his various jobs in order to create the popular comic books.

This animated series written and illustrated by Park is now available on Netflix with eight new episodes. Produced by Studio Mir, the studio behind DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Lookism deals with “the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society.”

Meanwhile, the original Lookism manhwa is still available on LINE Webtoon and currently has 417 episodes. The graphic novel is updated every Sunday.

Banner photo credit: Netflix



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