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Fun games to play during Christmas parties

by Athena Yap

THEY say it’s the party games that give color and create the best memories in every celebration. Well, that sounds more exciting this Yuletide season!

The fun in most gatherings usually starts with playful drills. It builds connections between persons who haven’t bonded for a long time.

As the classic holiday song goes, “rocking around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop.

You know the drill is about to begin once you hear this song. So here are some games that you can prepare for family and friends this Christmas party season.


Get your friends and family for the hep-hep-hooray! It’s a game that any age can play.

This hilarious game is inspired by the TV show of Willie Revillame, Wowowee, and is something which many Filipinos really enjoy playing. It is not only for Christmas but also for other occasions.

At the beginning of this game, it seems easy but as the speed gets faster, it becomes confusing until a player loses.

Mechanics: There must be a number of people. The more, the merrier. Everytime the host puts the mic in front of the participant, he or she must say hep-hep or hooray together with hands clapping (for hep-hep) or both hands raised (for hooray). Fun, right?

Bring me!

This game never gets old and will always be fun to play in any celebration. It’s more fun when kids are participating but it has nothing to do with age. There is no age limit in playing this game. What’s good about this is that everyone can participate. This is one of the best icebreaker games.

Mechanics: When the host says bring me any particular object, the first to bring the object is the one who wins.

Blow the candle

Nope, It’s not blowing a cake candle. It’s a game that will test how good you are at blowing out candles. It’s a new trend that is really fun. It could also be played by kids but with the proper caution from adults. Of course, we don’t want to cause a fire on Christmas.

If kids will play, prizes could be candies, money or anything allowable for kids. But if adults are to play, money is a good prize but it is more fun to reward them with a drink. The one who could blow out the farthest candle gets the higher chances of getting drunk.

Mechanics: You can either play it on the floor or a table, so long as the surface is flat, to make sure that candles are safe. Candles should be lined up and the corresponding price for each should be placed beside them. Once everything is ready, players should try to blow out as many candles as they could in one go. Their prize will be the item next to the farthest candle they were able to extinguish.

Money fan

This game seems to have become a trend in the late 2000’s. It’s very exciting especially if the fan appears to be thick, which means there are more chances of winning the desired amount of cash. This game is playable by all ages.

Mechanics: The host will hold the money and form it into a fan. And then, all participants must fall in line. Eyes must be covered/blindfolded. Once the player cannot see anymore, he or she must approach the host and pick only one bill. The game does not end until all the cash in the host’s hand have been taken.

Scoop your prize!

This new game is inspired by the trend of the live sellers where they scoop the items that buyers will get, without any guarantee of what it would contain. This could be a little messy, but best believe it will create a playful memory.

Mechanics: There must be an inflatable pool and the prizes will be hidden under the pebbles or anything that could cover these. The participants will then get a container or bucket to start scooping their prize. The challenge is they can scoop only once, and it’s more thrilling if the player is wearing a blindfold. So you either get something or nothing.



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