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DJ Loonyo as a singer? ‘Naabot ko na ‘yung ceiling as a dancer so what’s next?’ 

by Izel Abanilla

DOES he have it? 

Dancer and internet sensation Rhemuel Lunio, popularly known as “DJ Loonyo,” is finally conquering greater heights as he ventures into singing. 

But he actually started off hating it. So what happened? 

“I hate singing so much, nag-away kami ng leader ko dati sa Rockstars which is siya yung husband ng handler ko, nag-away kami kasi gusto niya ko pakantahin,” he said in an interview Wednesday (November 16)  for his upcoming concert “Loonyoverse” on December 8.  

However, the famous dancer was awakened to the idea of singing because he “got a message from God” through a dream where he clearly saw the Creator giving him a go signal to pursue another form of artistry. 

“Nagulat na lang ako, honest to pina-dream ako ni God, nasa China ko. I was singing in a big stadium. Paguwi ko ng Philippines sabi ko no, mag record ako ng song, and once [you’ve] seen it in your head ibig sabihin kaya siya, kailangan lang talaga siya dikdikin, gawan ng paraan,” he said. 

“Nung nasa China po ako, wala talaga sa plano tong kanta kanta na to. Ito na lang yung calling ng isang performer, na naabot ko na ‘yung ceiling as a dancer so what’s next?,” he added. 

Together with his group A63, Loonyo showed not only his dance moves but his singing prowess as well. Taking from his hiphop, street swag roots, Loonyo showed off his singing skills with his upbeat single “Hit Me.” 

As he now officially enters the P-pop (Philippine pop) scene, Loonyo says he wants to focus more on his singing career. 

Inspired by the success of SB19, he also dreams of pushing his limits to international heights. 

He sees his “Loonyoverse” as a vehicle that could take him and everyone with him to the global stage. He, however, wants to carve his own identity if and when fate takes him to overseas success. 

Photo credit: @djloonyo Instagram



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