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Disappointment seen in Catriona Gray’s face after Celeste Cortesi didn’t make it

by Athena Yap

“WE always have a next year”

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray immediately tried to douse the flames of anger of fans of the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia whose bets did not make it to the top 16 of the prestigious beauty pageant.

“Guys you are not alone, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia. I know you might be really feeling a bit disappointed right now, but we always have next year,” Gray said.

Netizens noticed the seemingly dismayed facial reaction of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray while hosting and giving her comments after the  results of top 16 were revealed.

Catriona Gray, who wore a stunning yellow gown, was one of the backstage commentators for 71st Miss Universe together with Emmy-award winning host Zuri Hall.

Catriona’s name trended on Twitter as audiences can relate to her candid reaction when the camera showed them backstage.

Some supporters couldn’t contain their disappointment and just turned their gloom into airing their tweets that said they can relate to Catriona’s take on the top 16 results.

Even the famous ABS-CBN ad promoter, Eric John Salut felt the heartache of Catriona while hosting.

Ayn Bernos, a social media influencer and also among the Miss Universe Philippines candidates in 2021 also felt Catriona’s energy during the pageant.

“Same, Catriona, Same” many of the netizens reacted.

Meanwhile, fans also aired their different reactions and turned their distress into memes on the Miss Universe 2022 Top 16 results.

The new Miss Universe is Miss USA, a 28-year-old Filipino-American eco-fashion warrior.



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