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Career move? Try these 2023 in-demand jobs

by Jericho Zafra

PRINCESS Ison, 21, became a first-time business owner during the pandemic. But now that the Philippine government is relaxing the restrictions it imposed at the height of COVID-19, she is trying to find a new job that she could do on top of her current business in order to earn more money.

“The pandemic is truly a lesson for me to find an additional source of income because some businesses are not really thriving due to lockdowns,” Ison said in Filipino. 

The pandemic also made her wonder what her professional path would be apart from being a business owner. 

“During the pandemic, since we were all confined inside our houses, I began questioning what type of job will make me feel fulfilled,” she said.

Wanted: new career 

Ison would like a job that could be done remotely or through a hybrid setup so that she could still supervise her business. 

Although her business is sustainable and thriving, she said having a different job is beneficial for learning new insights and gaining professional contacts that could help expand her opportunities in the future.

So now she’s on a quest for a new career. 

LinkedIn tips

On Wednesday, business and employment social media platform LinkedIn released a 2023 insights report on the jobs which are currently in demand in the country. 

According to LinkedIn, the job landscape has been through a surge of shifts, from the exponential rise in skills-based recruitment to the desire for hybrid setup employment. 

LinkedIn also revealed that jobs in the sectors of medical research, business development, and technology are among the fastest-growing jobs in the Philippines.

Check out the following jobs on the rise as per LinkedIn:

Clinical Research Associate

What they do: Clinical research associates are in charge of planning, carrying out, and supervising clinical trials and investigations to establish the efficacy and safety of drugs, products, and procedures.

Business Development Representative

What they do: Business development professionals assist a company’s marketing and sales departments by finding, establishing connections with, and cultivating new customers in order to increase revenue.

Insights Analyst

What they do: A company’s financial, customer, and market data must be converted into insights by analysts in order for the organization to make informed decisions.

Delivery Specialist

What they do: Delivery specialists oversee projects on behalf of their clients. They also ensure that they are finished on time and under budget and fulfill all client specifications.

Anti-Money Laundering Analyst

What they do: By tracking financial transactions and looking into any unusual business activity, anti-money laundering analysts assist businesses in adhering to anti-money laundering regulations.

Media Analyst

What they do: Media analysts monitor media channels and analyze media data to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

Customer Success Specialist

What they do: Customer success specialists help organizations keep their current clients by replying to questions, fixing problems, and offering various forms of assistance that guarantee client satisfaction.

Virtual Medical Assistant

What they do: Virtual medical assistants handle a variety of administrative and clerical tasks for hospitals and clinics, such as the upkeep of medical databases, scheduling of appointments, patient billing, and processing of insurance coverage.

Salesforce Consultant

What they do: Salesforce consultants support businesses using the Salesforce CRM software by offering knowledgeable direction throughout the setup, deployment, and optimization of the product to meet the needs of the company.

Data Engineer

What they do: Data engineers deal with raw data to change it into a format that data scientists may use for further research.

Security Operations Center Analyst

What they do: Security operations center analysts monitor a company’s computer network by keeping an eye on system activity, spotting threats and taking action, and fixing any security holes.

DevOps Engineer

What they do: In order to enhance the end-user experience, DevOps engineers sit between the teams that build and operate the software. They balance the introduction of new functions with the preservation of the reliability and security of the product.

Product Owner

What they do: Product owners are in charge of all elements of new product development and are responsible for developing the product’s vision, selecting its features, and overseeing the entire process from conception to completion.

Cloud Engineer

What they do: Cloud engineers administer a company’s cloud-based systems and are in charge of setting them up, guaranteeing their reliability, applying upgrades, and modifying their features to meet the demands of consumers.

Tax Associate

What they do: Tax associates assist businesses with accurate tax filing, tax deduction options, and advice on tax-related issues.

Have you decided what industry you are moving to? Go edit that resume and get that job, bestie.



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