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Bondee is your new virtual hang out space 

by Athena Yap

YOUNG social media users are getting hooked on Bondee, a new gaming and social networking platform. 

It allows them to create a virtual persona and hang out with their friends online.

One of the app’s new users is 22-year-old Berjeyneth Chee, who has been spending her time on Bondee customizing her avatar. 

She usually takes 5 to 10 minutes using it but takes her longer when hanging out with friends.

“It satisfies my inner child that loves playing dress up games! I love the fact that we get to dress up our characters,” Chee said.

But more than allowing her to express her creative side, the app also allows her to be social and to connect with friends as it has a messaging function. 

She shared her avatar card on her social media media platforms to encourage her friends to explore the Bondee app.

What is Bondee all about?

Bondee was created by Metadream, an independent tech company based in Singapore. It is a cute virtual place where users could create an avatar that could mirror their real life. 

Aside from dressing up their characters, users could also design their own room and hang-out with their buddies online.

It creates a virtual world where people can meet and connect with each other. 

Similar to other social media platforms, Bondee also allows users to put up a status update by tapping the avatar on the homepage. From there, they are free to choose from different moods, hobbies and activities.

But what makes it different is that users could add text or photos on their status to give their friends a glimpse of the latest happenings in their life. It will show up on the friends’ posts tab.

Friends may find each other through sharing the QR of the Bondee profile and Bondee ID.

Even though the world is opening up again after the pandemic restrictions,it is undeniable that most young people still enjoy connecting through online.

Through Bondee, they could have a virtual space where they could meet and hang out. 


The new virtual platform has been grabbing netizens’ attention. In fact, it trended on Twitter with almost 79,000 tweets as of writing.

Some would flex how they dressed up their Bondee avatar.

Netizens also can’t help put their own witty spin on Bondee’s virality.

A user quoted a tweet that featured the set of talk-show host Boy Abunda, and likened it to the Bondee environment.



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