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Andrew Schimmer: ‘I hate Christmas, and I don’t think I will ever like it again’

by Izel Abanilla

Not everyone is enjoying Christmas, certainly not Andrew Schimmer. 

Sometimes fate plays life in ways that cripple the knees. This is true for actor Andrew Schimmer who received the worst Christmas gift anyone can imagine, the death of his partner, Jhoromy Rovero. 

Because of this, he will not be enjoying the holidays, not this time and probably not ever. 

In a Facebook post, the actor said, “Sometimes life will break you to the point of no return [broken heart emoji] it will give you so many circumstances that you will really hate yourself. [broken heart and crying emoji].” 

He then boldly stated, “I’m sorry… but I hate Christmas, and I don’t think I will ever like it again.” 

Rovero died while in coma Tuesday, December 21 after a year-long battle with severe hypoxemia that led to various complications. 

The vlogger-actor informed his followers about her death through a video where he was seen crushed and crying in pain over the loss of his partner. 

He even showed Rovero in the video on her deathbed while he held her lifeless hand. 

What even crushed his heart to pieces was that their youngest child’s birthday was right on time with his wife’s death. 

He shared to his followers that he knew about his wife’s passing when he was taping for an episode of GMA’s “Family Feud.”



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