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What’s next for Marina Summers?

by Deanna Macaranas

THE second season of RuPauls Drag Race UK vs. The World just had its finale with Tia Kofi being crowned as the winner of the Drag Race. But even if Marina Summers didn’t end up being crowned as the queen of the race, in the eyes of many Filipino, she will always be the Filipina winnah! 

In the show’s eighth episode, all 11 contestants reunited to discuss what had happened throughout the season. 

In the final look of Marina Summers, she took inspiration from the Philippines biodiversity on where RuPaul herself complimented on her look. “You are so talented and on top of that there’s a sweetness and a kindness there. You got this, kiddo. You were born to this.” RuPaul said. 

For Marina’s final performance, A wheel will choose who competes in the Lip Sync first in the final lip-synch smackdown. The person with the most wins will get to choose Marina’s opponent.

Marina chose Hannah Conda, a competitor on “Drag Race Down Under,” and as for the song, they got “I’m Outta Love” by Anastacia. 

Marina’s adventure in the “RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World” season came to an end as a Top 4 finalist as Hannah prevailed in the battle.  

Even if Marina Summers wasn’t crowned as the queen in the show, she expressed her gratitude for having to take part in the show—hoping that she made her fellow Filipinos proud of her. 

“Ru, thank you so much for inviting this little Filipina on your big show. I am forever grateful and my lines are open for another call. But, honestly, I know I made a lot of Filipinos across the globe proud and thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’ll always and forever be your Filipino winner,” she said. 

Many of Marina’s fans later also took upon X (formerly Twitter) their undying support towards the Drag artist. 

Tia Kofi was later crowned as the winner of the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. The World after battling out with Hannah Conda to Kylie Minogue’s “Your Disco Needs You.” 

Meanwhile on Marina’s official Instagram account, she made a post with the song “Aray” by Mae Rivera playing in the background.

“We might have not liked my ending, but I had the best time with my lovely @dragraceukbbc girls! I am so so so damn honored to be part of this amazing show!” She wrote on her post.

“Philippines, Asia, World, thank you so much for giving this little Filipina a BIG chance to win your hearts. This was such a magical run for me and I couldn’t be anymore prouder! I will always and forever be, your Filipina Winnah.” She added.

Marina Summers also teases her possible comeback on the show with her mentioning RuPaul on the post.

 “Ps. I’ve said this before, and l’m gonna say it again. @rupaulofficial you really want me back don’t ya?!?!”



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