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What Gen Z’s can learn from the Titos and Titas: Advice they will give their 20 year old self

by Ron Poblete

Recently updated on February 8, 2023 02:54 pm

LITERARY giant and famous author Bernard Shaw once said “Youth is wasted on the young.”. But this could just be an old man’s gripe. Borne out of frustration that you could have done better if given the chance to go back.

Dispensing wisdom gets a lot easier for someone who has seen the world and made mistakes along the way. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to truly understand life’s lessons.

So instead of ranting about wasted youth and passively letting them learn it the hard way, we instead thought of asking a few “more experienced” people what they would advice their 20 year old self if they had a chance, with the hopes that some real 20 year old reads this and gets inspired to start stepping up based on sound advice from someone who’s been there, done that. 

James Deakin – Blogger, Broadcaster

“Be patient. It’s not a race. Your time will come. But learn to be happy on your way to happiness because happiness is not a destination but a choice, and one you need to keep on choosing. Invest a little of your pay, no matter how small. Your future self will thank you. And lastly, be kind. Some of the greatest opportunities I have been given came from people who I helped at a time when they had nothing to give back. There’s power in that.”

Photo courtesy of Susan Larsson

Nicole Laurel – Artist, Singer 

“Trust in God’s plan for you, It’s better than any plan you’ll ever make for yourself

Don’t let negative things people say about you control you.

Be Original, be proud of your own unique style, life is too short to copy or idolize others when it comes to artistry and style.

No matter what, keep the gratitude attitude.”

Dr. Edsel Salvana – Infectious Disease Expert

“Keep working hard and don’t worry too much. Everything works out in the end.”

Aubrey Miles – Actress 

“You know what you’re doing, stay focused and believe you’ll get it”

Sam Oh – Events Host

“I didn’t really have a life of faith until I was well into my 30s and yes, while I’m sure God’s timing is perfect, I often wonder what my life would have looked like had I started much earlier. So I would advise my 20-year-old self to explore a relationship with God, read the Bible, value the spiritual over the physical. I had a blast in my 20s (probably way too much, har har) and I remember it fondly but I think a life of faith would’ve made it much more meaningful.”

Jimmy Bondoc – Artist, Singer, Public Servant

“Don’t change a thing. Know that you’re doing fine. Keep preparing for Paradise.”

Mikkel Paris – Entrepreneur 

“Do not be in a hurry to become “successful”. Life is a long journey and your 20s should be used as an opportunity to learn many things and to make many mistakes. This is the time to experiment with career paths, relationships and others. Do not feel that you need to be pressured into settling into a job/a relationship etc when you are not yet ready.“

James Younghusband – Former Philippine Football Team player

“My advice to my 20 year old self would be to worry less and enjoy life more.”



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