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SB19’s Pablo drops new single ‘DETERMINADO’ 

by Joshua Gerona

Filipino singer-songwriter and SB19 member Pablo is back with a new single ‘Determinado‘ under Sony Music Entertainment

Photo courtesy: Sony Music Entertainment

His first offering this year, the new track blends rock and hip-hop while retaining the La Luna act’s distinct qualities as an artist. 

‘Determinado’ is produced by his brother Josue, who provided significant insights on the production of the track, according to Pablo. 

“We’re a team, we always work hand in hand, always learning from each other, and drawing inspiration back and forth,” said Pablo. “We grew up in the same environment so we just vibe and connect easily.”

He also revealed that the genre-averse track marks a departure from his previous releases, showing a different side of the SB19 main vocalist and rapper—one that finds moments of vulnerability and strength amidst problems. 

This year, the multi-talented soloist is expected to release more solo projects and possibly a debut album, aside from his work with SB19. 

“I have so many things planned to do in 2024, and definitely one of those is to release my own album,” shared Pablo. 

DETERMINADO is out now on all music streaming platforms via Sony Music Entertainment.



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