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Luis Manzano undergo biopsy after discovering head lump 

by Deanna Macaranas

FILIPINO actor Luis Manzano undewent a biopsy after finding a lump on his head. 

Yesterday, on his YouTube channel, Luis Manzano posted a video a talking about the lump that he discovered on his head. Manzano talked about on how he decided to consult a specialist and underwent tests (including biopsy) to check if the lump on his head is severe or benign.   

On his brief story time, Manzano talked about on how he thought the bump on his head was nothing more but a mole. The TV host even mentioned that he jokes a lot about it, saying that the reason why he have a mole on his head is because he’s smart. 

Courtesy: YouTube.com / @Luis Manzano

When Manzano along his wife—Jessy Mendiola attended a party for Mr. M, Manzano’s stylist came to notice on how the supposedly mole on his head is starting to get bigger.

 By hearing Manzano’s stylist findings regarding the growing more, he started to suspect that one of the reasons on why the lump is growing is due to a possible skin cancer called “Melanoma.” 

Courtesy: YouTube.com / @Luis Manzano 

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that starts with melanoma “a highly differentiated cell that produce pigment melanin inside melanosomes. 

The actor then went to a specialist who then later concluded that the mole seems okay, however the specialist proceed to suggest on getting it checked by a surgeon. 

Manzano talked about on how the word “biopsy” is something that a person wouldn’t often hear and that even if people say that it’s “nothing,” but for him, it’s just a fact that he never thought he’d go through. 

“Kasi, if sabihin mo bigla na may kailangan kang i-biopsy, kahit sabihin mo na precautionary lang, kahit sabihin mo just to be sure, parang puwedeng cancer comes to mind o ano man.” Manzano said.

Manzano later proceed on how cancer is one of those things that you wouldn’t wish on someone even if that person is your enemy. “Ang dami kong mga kakilala na, unfortunately, nadali na ng cancer. And you see na it’s very life-changing para sa kanila. So, even if nandoon ‘yung reassurance pa rin na sinasabi nila na wala ‘yan, precautionary ‘yan, pero the fact lang na may .000001.” He added. 

Manzano kept the lump from his mother–thinking that she might end up worrying about him. He also stated that only Jessy and the housekeepers are the ones that knew about it. 

Luis later underwent the operation, removing the lump on from his head. The lump was later examined to check if the lump was cancerous. 

The biopsy later came out with the doctor later concluding that it looked okay. However, Manzano needed to undergo an additional blood test called “immunohistochemistry.” 

The result later revealed that the lump is benign, meaning that he is clear of cancer.



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