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Over 100 Swifties got scammed over fake Eras Tour ticket

by Deanna Macaranas

TAYLOR SWIFT’s Eras Tour has been known as one of the most phenomenal trends amongst the Gen-Zs. 

Along with its enormous fanbase, the ongoing success of the tour continues to thrive—making it a dream for most people to be given a chance to attend one. 

While the continuous craze continues to thrive amongst the Swifties—ticket-selling scams for the upcoming Eras Tour in Singapore emerge, victimizing over 100 Pinoy Swifties. 

In a report by “24 Oras,” it was revealed that over 100 Filipino Swifties had lost a total of almost P15 million pesos after being scammed by someone who claims to be selling Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert ticket. 

One of the people who got victimized was young actress and singer Sofia Pablo–who came upon sharing a Facebook post by Philippine Concert regarding the fraudulent activity. On the shared post, Sofia wrote, “I’m one of the 100 victims :(((.”  

Courtesy: facebook.com / @Sofia Pablo 

According to Sofia, the scammer had sent her a fake email screenshot from Ticketmaster while voiding the seller’s account due to ticket reselling. 

In the report,  it was stated that the scammer sends an ID and a selfie to the victims to make it seem that his identity is legitimate. The scammer even meets up with some of the victims to have them sign a contract—stating that the buyers can sue him if he doesn’t give them the ticket.  

While the scammer’s scheme is too good to be questionable–just last week, when the concert tickets were supposed to be released, the suspect couldn’t provide the tickets due to the problems he encountered with the authorized seller of the tickets. 

Meanwhile, the victims had already gone to NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and have filed a lawsuit against the scammer. For his crime, the suspect will face charges of Estafa. 



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