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Netflix PH drops first Christmas station ID, teases new shows

by Joanna Deala

FILIPINOS felt the Christmas spirit even more with the release of Netflix Philippines’ first-ever Christmas station ID, featuring local celebrities.

The two-minute video showcased a new version of Joey Albert’s hit Christmas song, Kumukutikutitap.

This new version featured actors Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan, Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, Elijah Canlas, Kelvin Miranda, JM de Guzman, Alessandra de Rossi, Miles Ocampo, and Chie Filomeno. 

The celebrities were seen caroling, a Christmas tradition where groups of people go from house to house to serenade people with holiday songs in exchange for coins or other treats.

They also formed  groups in the video. The first one was composed of Ocampo, Miranda, and Filomeno, followed by the tandem of de Rossi and de Guzman, Pangilinan and Mariano (also known as DonBelle), Canlas and Marudo, and the group of de Rossi, Pascual, and Milby.

But these stars weren’t grouped for no reason. They were clustered according to their shows on Netflix.

The station ID also offered viewers a treat by giving them a glimpse of the new and forthcoming films and series on the streaming platform.

You might want to add these titles to your must-see list for your next movie or series marathon:

Can’t Buy Me Love

Starring: Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

Can’t Buy Me Love is the first-ever primetime series of onscreen love team DonBelle.

Directed by Mae Cruz Alviar, the new romance series will show how destiny paved the way for the collision of the two different worlds of a hardworking man named Bingo (portrayed by Pangilinan), who is devoted to providing for needs of his family, and a wealthy Chinese woman named Caroline (played by Mariano), who grew up in a traditional family.

The New Gen love team confirmed last week that their highly-anticipated series will premiere on Netflix on October 13.

Missed Connections

Starring: Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, and Chie Filomeno

Missed Connections is a 2023 romantic-comedy film that debuted on Netflix in June. 

This modern love story centers on a young woman named Mae (played by Ocampo) who turns to a dating app called Missed Connections to find a man she encounters and believes to be “the one.”

The film was directed by Jelise Chung.

What If

Starring: Alessandra de Rossi and actor JM de Guzman

What If is the first movie team up between de Rossi and de Guzman, who starred in numerous films that undeniably broke the hearts of many Filipinos.

In the 2023 film, the two celebrities play the role of a newlywed couple who gets trapped on an island on their honeymoon because of a storm. Their life as husband and wife is tested as they deal with flaws in their marriage.

Filmmaker Emmanual Quindo Palo helmed the romance film, which became available on Netflix on September 7. It also became the top movie on Netflix in the country last week.

Keys to the Heart

Starring: Zanjoe Marudo, Elijah Canlas, and Dolly De Leon

Keys to the Heart is the Philippine adaptation of a South Korean drama film of the same name. It tells the story of a washed-up boxer who reunites with his estranged family — his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother.

The movie will be helmed by Kerwin Go.

There is no update yet about its premiere date on Netflix, but it is expected to run for one hour and 42 minutes, according to the streaming service’s website.

Replacing Chef Chico

Starring: Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi, and Sam Milby

Replacing Chef Chico is a forthcoming Netflix original series to be directed by Dan Villegas, with Antoinette Jadaone being the showrunner. 

Further details about the series, such as its plot and other cast members, are still under wraps. But the station ID showed Milby and de Rossi working as chefs in a kitchen called Hain. 


Starring: Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino

The two celebrities did not sing in the station ID, but eagle-eyed viewers noticed a tarp of Poe and Aquino hung in front of a house where de Rossi and de Guzman went caroling. 

The tarp read, “Season’s Greetings from Charlie and Kurt,” referring to Poe and Aquino’s characters in Seasons.

The romance film is about two best friends who attempt to find love again despite going through a series of failed relationships. The film raises the question of where these two will find the love they are searching for.

Directed by Easy Ferrer, Seasons is now available on Netflix.



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