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Alessandra De Rossi, JM De Guzman play honeymooners facing relationship challenges in new film ‘What If’

by Joanna Deala

WILL there be a happy ending? Or will hearts shatter again?

These questions are for the forthcoming romance film What If?, starring actress Alessandra De Rossi and actor JM De Guzman.

Directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo, What If? tells the story of a pair of newlywed musicians who go to a remote island for their honeymoon, but become trapped because of a storm. This is where their relationship will get tested as they face difficult realities.

De Rossi and De Guzman will play the role of the couple.

The movie’s trailer, released on Thursday, opened with De Rossi walking down the aisle at her wedding to De Guzman.  Their characters were emotional as they exchanged their heartfelt wedding vows.

The next scene showed the two traveling to the island and happily filming their trip through a live video. Their lovely honeymoon moments, however, soon turned bad. At one point, De Rossi was seen expressing her frustration over a dead plant to De Guzman. 

“I don’t really know how to take care of anything. Or maybe I just don’t deserve to be in any relationship,” she said.

De Guzman was then showed in another scene, uttering his line, “Gusto ko naman talaga marinig ‘yung truth, pero di ko naman inakala na masakit.”

The trailer ended with a scenic view of the couple sitting together.

What If? will be available on Netflix on September 7. Joining the cast are Angie Castrence, Soliman Cruz, and Jett Pangan.

De Rossi first teased the new film in an Instagram post in August 2022, where she posted three scripts for the movie.

Other romance movies

While viewers await for another heartfelt project from De Rossi and De Guzman, here are some of their romance films that can be viewed in Netflix:

Kita Kita

Starring: Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez

Kita Kita is about a Japan-based tour guide named Lea who goes blind after witnessing her fiancé’s infidelity. She then meets and befriends a fellow Filipino named Tonyo. Their friendship develops into romance as they spend most of their time traveling around Japan together.

Through Night and Day

Starring: Alessandra De Rossi and Paolo Contis

Through Night and Day tells the story of engaged couple Jen and Ben whose relationship goes through a rough path as they take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland.

My Amanda

Starring: Alessandra De Rossi and Piolo Pascual

My Amanda is De Rossi’s directorial debut. It follows two longtime friends TJ and Amanda, also known as Fuffy and Fream, who seem to be a couple because of their intimate friendship.

How She Left Me

Starring: JM De Guzman and Rhian Ramos


How She Left Me centers on a man named Lio who is suffering from face blindness. His condition makes it difficult for him to connect with people, until he meets a free-spirited woman named Shana.

The film is available on Netflix until August 12.

That Thing Called Tadhana

Starring: JM De Guzman and Angelica Panganiban

That Thing Called Tadhana is about Mace who decides to travel as she tries to move on from her failed relationship. This journey led her to meet Anthony, who helps her with her luggage dilemma at the airport. The two develop a connection as they travel to Baguio and Sagada.



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