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My MiWo heart: Mika Salamanca and H2WO end relationship

by Bryan Gadingan

THE LIST of celebrity and influencer couples who have ended their relationship keeps on growing, as vlogger Mika Salamanca and Smart Omega’s MLBB pro player John Paul “H2WO” Salonga split up last week.

In a video shared on H2WO’s Facebook page, the now-ex couple explained why they made the decision. Salonga and Salamanca enjoyed a profound three-year relationship, but progress has been their primary concern throughout.

Actually last year pa namin pinagiisipan ni H2 ito. Kasi priority namin yung career and growth ng isa’t isa. Ako kasi personally, hindi ko iisipin yung sarili ko kung nakaka-hinder ako sa growth mo,” Salamanca said.

Sobrang cliché, and baka sabihin ninyo sobrang babaw, pero kasi ‘yung reason talaga namin is because of growth talaga,” she explained.

The estranged couple believed that it was time to end their relationship because it appeared to be stagnating. They claimed that this was because they evolved separately but the relationship did not.

“Nag-grow tayo, but not the relationship. It’s just that we were so comfortable. Ang komportable namin. Growth is uncomfortable, so bakit sobrang komportable namin,” added Salamanca.

Pro player H2WO concurred, claiming that they were both too comfortable and complacent, resulting in their relationship becoming stagnant.

When asked if they had regrets, the ex-couple said: 

“All goods naman ako sa pagsasama naming dalawa. Ang daming memories, ang daming happy moments mga ganon,” H2WO said.

Salamanca, on the other hand, had a different point of view: “My only pinagsisihan is masyado natin inopen ‘yung relationship sa lahat ng tao. Maraming part ng relationship natin na it could’ve been better if it’s like just the two of us.”

The ex-couple decided to post a video to announce their split, in response to the online spread of false information claiming that the couple broke up due to cheating.

More importantly, they believed that they owed it to the fans who have supported their relationship over the past three years. 

“I feel like we owe it to the fans, na gumawa ng video na ganito, kasi buong relationship namin is very public, it’s very open. Unfair siya kung hindi namin sasabihin ‘yung totoo, kung hindi namin io-open at bibigyan ng maayos na closure ‘yung mgafans,” Salamanca said.

Some of their close friends, as well as those in the Mobile Legends scene, voiced their regret about the breakup. 

Screenshot from: @h2woofficil and @mikslmnc | Instagram

Despite this heartbreaking situation, a breakup can be viewed as a constructive catalyst for personal development and self-discovery, by identifying stagnation, accepting change, engaging in self-reflection, and addressing problems on their own.

These people may turn a breakup into a transformative experience. It becomes a journey to become the best version of oneself, which eventually leads to a more fulfilling and true existence.



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