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Moira Dela Torre’s advice to people in the weight loss battle: Don’t be too hard on yourself

by RepublicAsia

“For people who are going on a journey that I have been on, don’t be too hard on yourself. Be unapologetic when it comes to choosing yourself. It’s not a bad thing.”

The 30-year-old multi-platinum recording artist Moira Dela Torre has recently exuded a new look. Not simply because she is visually fit and slim but also because she appears to have established her self-worth following her personal life fights.

Her noticeable physical transformation left her fans and netizens stunned with all her recently shared stunning snaps on social media. 

Dela Torre courageously opens up about her weight loss journey and just like everybody else, losing weight didn’t come easy for the singer.

At a recent media conference in Quezon City to launch the ”Paubaya” hitmaker as the new face of Bona Slim 15-in-1 coffee, Dela Torre said she could not be any happier when she witnessed the physical change as a result of her weight-loss efforts, especially when she did not even actually try. 

“I’m just very, very thankful that the change happened so gradually,” Dela Torre said. “It wasn’t anything quick. It started from within. Ang daming magagandang change na nagbago. I didn’t realize this is something I could do.

‘No Pressure’ approach to weight loss

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Dela Torre shares, “My life has changed significantly in the past two and a half years. It’s not just about the physical changes, but the profound healing I’ve experienced within. I’ve evolved since my major weight loss.”

She also revealed her two-year experience with bulimia, an eating disorder characterized by binge-eating before intentionally vomiting to get rid of the food. She confessed that it had worsened her condition.

Dela Torre said, “In 2020, I started all these diets. I went vegan, keto. I’ve tried intermittent fasting. I tried everything.’’

She also said that she tried  all sorts of fad diets before, from keto to vegan-inspired. But none of them worked. It was when she let go and stopped putting pressure on herself that she began losing weight.

“When I stopped putting pressure on myself and started allowing myself to just be me, that was when I stopped feeling the pressure.”

Kumalma ang katawan ko and I started losing weight gradually. Alam ng katawan mo kapag naaalagaan siya ng tama. Alam ng katawan natin kapag minamahal siya ng tama,” she added.

Self-love is not a selfish thing

Dela Torre’s weight loss happened gradually, and the drive to change happened “from within. She was overjoyed when she witnessed the remarkable physical transformation. The sense of accomplishment she felt was truly gratifying, and it only fueled her determination to continue striving and inspiring others.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know that’s such a cliché thing, but to be honest, how I started losing weight, it was when I stopped trying.” 

“Self-love is not a selfish thing,” Dela Torre said. 

To the people who are on the same journey as her, she told them, “I want you to care more about what you feel about yourself. Because that matters why I had to take so much time to think that I was beautiful, before I saw any change physically. And then the physical change happened. We are beautiful, and you have a lot of beautiful traits.”

With reports from Naomi Ferwelo


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