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“It Ends With Us” movie trailer starring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni is out now

by RepublicAsia

COHORTS, ready your tissues, heart, body, and soul as the movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s highest-selling novel “It Ends With Us” is set to be in theaters on August 9 this year, starring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni.

Sony and Wayfarer Studio bright to light the official trailer on May 17 of the movie featuring Taylor Swift’s “my tears ricochet” from her album “Folklore” making the fans hyped up for the highly anticipated movie. 

Photo Courtesy: @justinnbaldoni | Instagram

The adaptation that was announced in July 2022, where the American author, Hoover wholeheartedly expressed how enthusiastic she was for this project.

Directed by Justin Baldoni himself, he addressed in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET) that fans will have a lot to say about the adaptation as some might think negatively about the changes from the actual book to live action. 

“Just go see the movie. I understand when you love something so much, you know, social media is amazing in [the] way it gives fans a voice,” he says. “And if it were not for the fans, we would not be making this movie. So let them talk. And I don’t worry about that too much,” Baldoni said on ET.

Hoover also revealed that characters have aged up a bit in the movie to adjust since the book was written around 10 years ago. The author was proud as well with the casts because alongside Lively and Baldoni are the significant roles of Brandon Sklenar as “Atlas,”Hasan Minhaj as “Marshall,” and Jenny Slate as “Allyssa.”

“I think they nailed it. And I can’t stress enough that if you loved the book, I believe you’re gonna love the film [as well.],” Baldoni said via ET. 

The movie is based on the 2016 book that went mainstream because of how well-structured the novel was from its poetic scenarios to plot twists that hook the imaginations of readers.

Story line goes from a florist, Lily Bloom played by Lively who moved to Boston to start her flower shop business. When she met Ryle, a neurosurgeon finishing his residency played by Baldoni, and the two fell in love with each other but complicated things happened as both of them are looking for different things in life. 

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