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‘Caitlin Clark Effect’? WNBA drew record-high of 2.1M viewers since 2001

by RepublicAsia

ALL eyes on the game debut of Indiana Fever’s NBA Draft 2024 first pick, Caitlin Clark with over 2.1 million audience viewers from various streaming services from their May 14 game versus Connecticut Suns.

The opener game of Clark against the Suns went spoiled as they fall short with 92-71, but still currently holds the most-viewed WNBA game since 2001, and is the highest to ever on cable television.

Photo Courtesy: @caitlinclark22 | Instagram

To be the no. 1 overall pick selected on a draft is much anticipated for the audiences, and indeed some of the fans enjoyed it as Clark gained 20 PTS, 4-11 3-PT FG, 3 assists, and 2 steals in 28 minutes. Quite enough for a rookie in the league. 

However, to record a 10 turnovers by Clark adds up disappointment of fans from falling short of the team against the Suns. This drew flak to Clark and sarcastically expressed that the Fever rookie needs to adjust as she’s now in a professional league. 

How Clark influenced changes in WNBA?

The ‘Caitlin Clark Effect’ felt too hard from her debut game itself that not just a record-high streams, but a sold-out ticket to the game—shows have significance to experience the courtyard presence of Clark’s playing.

There’s so much controversy when WNBA Draft day and people got to know the amount of contract that Clark signed—$338,056 for a potential four-year contract. And there’s the reaction of fans because they can tell themselves how low this salary is. 

This actually not only for Clark’s, as noticed from the previous WNBA contract, players don’t have an enough salary grade as compared to NBA that men players could at least have $1-2 million per year. 

Photo Courtesy: @caitlinclark22 | Instagram

Well, worry no more as opportunities come, you’ll have to grab it. Side-to-side contracts offered to Clark, there goes Nike with $28 million for over eight years and that agreement includes Clark’s signature shoes. 

Another impact that ‘Caitlin Clark Effect’ showcases amid her WNBA No.1 is that the league is getting more attention now. 

You see, people tend to just watch NBA games that are men’s basketball, but now, many people are interested to see what Caitlin Clark has to prove in this next-level basketball league. This reorganization is not only for her only, for her fellow WNBA players.

The former Iowa Hawkeyes guard is just having the gist of the professional world of WNBA. Things will soon get serious and people will surely keep their eyes on Clark throughout this journey, especially to witness her with a championship ring. 

 With reports from Alexandra Uy



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