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Liza Soberano lives Hollywood dream in “Lisa Frankenstein”

by Deanna Macaranas

“LISA Frankenstein” is set to air in theaters on February 7, and as part of Liza Soberano’s Hollywood debut, a lot of fans couldn’t be more excited.

Soberano is living her Hollywood dream as she promotes her upcoming horror-comedy film “Lisa Frankenstein” from Focus Features and Universal Pictures International.

“Lisa Frakenstein” follows the murderous journey of a misunderstood teenager and a reanimated corpse to find love, happiness, and a few missing body parts.

According to Soberano, the movie is set in the ’80s. “It’s set in the ’80s, so the whole look — the hair, makeup — is totally ’80s, which is new for me.”

“It”s the kind of movie I’ve always wanted to do. It has horror, comedy and romance in one. I was looking for a role that would really push me. Sure, it’s a huge risk for my career, but that’s what’s exciting about it. I know I’ve learned a lot no matter how it turns out. That’s what counts,” she added.

When Liza was asked about how she got the role, she told reporters that she met Zelda Williams (the film’s director) on a trip in LA when she raised the topic. Upon hearing about it, Liza was hooked.

Liza explained that “Lisa Frankenstein” was a sardonic spin on Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic. The movie was written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and directed by first-time feature director Williams. 

“It’s amazing because the day I met her was the same day the studio greenlit the project. When she found out it was a go, ‘They’ve got their main leads lined up. They were looking to fill other roles. How about auditioning for one?’ I was like, ‘Sure, let me check out the script. If it’s something that interests me, I”m in.’ And when I saw Diablo Cody was on board, I just had to audition for it,” she shared.



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