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Just got pierced? Here are 5 care tips for your ears

by Joyce Remo

GEN Zs and millennials have been flocking to different studios to get their ears and bodies pierced for a variety of reasons.

While some use piercings to adorn their bodies with dazzling jewelry, others see these as symbols of strength and courage because of the pain that accompanies the process.

Other people also believe that getting multiple piercings spell mid-life crisis. But according to 23-year-old Denise Reyes, her multiple piercings are metaphors that one can turn pain into something beautiful.

“The first time I had my helix piercing was when I was going through a rough patch,” she said. “I told myself that if I can survive the excruciating pain of a cartilage piercing, I could also transcend whatever dilemma life throws at me.”

Like Denise, Raniella Martinez, also 23, uses piercings to cope with struggles she faces in her life. She said it was an effective diversion when experiencing stressful situations.

Whether you’re doing it for aesthetics or for various personal reasons, piercings could be a handful as they could lead to infections if not treated properly.

Here are five care tips from medical experts for your recently pierced ears!

Clean your piercings

New piercings are fresh wounds. Hence, they should regularly be cleaned to prevent them from getting infected.

It’s best to clean fresh piercings alongside other regular hygiene habits, like when taking a shower or brushing your teeth, to give yourself a gentle reminder to do it every day.

Use mild soap when cleaning the wounds. A saline solution may also be sprayed into the piercings to easily wash off any crust.

Avoid lying down on your piercing

Sleeping or lying down on a piercing will trap the moisture and bacteria on the wound, increasing the risk for infection. Also, consistently putting pressure on the pierced area would cause the piercing to get swollen and bleed sometimes. 

Dab, not wipe

One common mistake that people do when cleaning their piercing is wiping the wound using a towel or a tissue. However, doing so will only damage the skin tissues and lead to a longer healing period. This is why it is important to remember to only dab a clean tissue or towel on the pierced area during cleaning sessions.

Watch out for weird-smelling discharge

Since a piercing is a  fresh wound, it is normal for the pierced area to discharge watery liquid. However, if the discharge looks yellowish or smells odd, it’s best to consult a doctor as it might indicate an infection.

Hands off the piercing

Sometimes, looking at shiny pretty things, like ear piercings, makes you want to touch them. However, constantly touching the pierced area might cause swelling and infection and would prolong the healing period.

At all cost, avoid touching the pierced area when unnecessary, especially with unsanitized hands.

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