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It’s the year of the Dragon, could this be your lucky year?

by Deanna Macaranas

THE Chinese New Year is something that most Filipinos (especially the Chinos) look forward to and for the year 2024, the Chinese zodiac sign is pointed toward the Dragon. 

In Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon has a special position in the universe as an amazing and fortunate being with unmatched skill and brilliance. The years of the Dragon include 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.   

While the Dragon is prevalent this year as 2024 falls under the Dragon sign. Celebrating the year of Dragon may be considered lucky to those who are born in the year of the sign, but does that mean some zodiac signs would remain unlucky for this current year?      

RepublicAsia had invited Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua for a brief question regarding prosperity, fortune, luck, and happiness.   

A lot of people put their trust in the Chinese Zodiac signs. Master Hanz has an explanation as to why  people believed in it. 

He said that it is due to the belief in enhancing one’s luck and fortune.  

“I believe that people believe in the zodiac signs to enhance good luck and fortune, and to protect them from unfortunate events,” he said. 

Master Hanz stated that for the Chinese New Year, people should wear a happy color like bright red. 

The year of the Dragon’s lucky color is violet and a touch of violet on your furniture as well as the bedsheets, and curtains will bring luck and fortune.  

For the lucky Gemstones: he mentioned specific gemstones for the specific type of lucks

  • For enhanced luck –  Green and Yellow Sapphire 
  • For love – Rose Quartz 
  • For protection – Black Obsidian 

As for the animals in the zodiac, the following awaits for each animal. 

  • Rat – Success in money 
  • Ox – Opportunity 
  • Tiger– Blessed year 
  • Rabbit – Business success 
  • Dragon – Greed or health issues 
  • Horse – Cheating and betrayal 
  • Rat, sheep, and monkey – Long-term success 
  • Rooster  – Good luck and good fortune
  • Dog – Conflict year 
  • Pig – Examination and love star 
  • Snake – Illness star

While the Feng Shui master had provided a guide towards prosperity, fortune, luck, and happiness—Master Hanz also noted that one’s luck and fortune will always depend on the person’s hands.  

“Gemstones, foods,  lucky charms. They’re all ingredients. They are spices to make our lives much better.” He said. “Ang pinaka importante pa din is your own hard work and determination. Dahil sa iyo nakasalalay ang iyong tagumpay.”



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