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Immerse in a new mixed media art experience at Art In Island

by Joyce Remo

COUNTLESS stories await individuals who visit art galleries and museums. Aside from the implicit anecdotes these offer, these spaces also become an avenue that provides insight to the vibrant history of humankind.

While most art galleries and museums traditionally show paintings and other pieces, there are those that offer a new art experience to individuals who are thirsty for a fresh visual encounter.

One of these distinctive museums is located at the heart of Quezon City — the Art In Island museum.

Art In Island at a glance

Art In Island was initially established in 2014 as the first and largest 3D art museum in the Philippines. 

But eight years later, it was revamped by a team of talented South Korean artists who specialized in computer design, sculpture, and crafts to offer a new immersive art experience to its patrons.

It closed its doors to the public for renovations on August 15, 2022 and reopened four months later as the new Art in Island: The Media Square.

From a 3D art museum filled with contemporary paintings, the new Art In Island is now a combination of media and different art forms.

It utilizes various artworks crafted based on media technology, using the latest media equipment from South Korea.

This newly refurbished art museum offers two divisions of modernized art exhibits, namely Mystery of Mother Nature that can be found on the museum’s first level and the Bridge Over Dreams located at the second floor.

The Mystery of Mother Nature

This first attraction provides an experience of transcending time and space and becoming one with nature.

Bridge Over Dreams

Bridge Over Dreams allows the audience to appreciate a beautiful light display synchronized with media art, providing a relaxing and healing experience.

What awaits you in Art In Island

Upon entering the museum, visitors will be welcomed by the sight of a beguiling virtual waterfall and a floor to ceiling display of breathtaking light scenery that depicts the beginning of life through dust particles.

Moving forward, visitors will also be in awe of the projected images that overlay highly detailed hand paintings of natural topography, which range from under the sea scape to the wonders of the jungle.

Aside from the bewitching play of light, museum-goers will also enjoy an array of interactive wall paintings where people can take fun and playful photos for their Instagram feeds.

Alongside these attractions, Art In Island offers a peaceful and relaxing experience to its customers as they can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the four seasons on loop while chilling on bean bags with their family and friends.

Art In Island also provides a bewildering experience through the following attractions:

  • Welcome Wave
  • Gate of Journey
  • Light of the Sea
  • A Circle of Seasons
  • Bridge over Dreams
  • Secret of Lights
  • This is not a shadow
  • Sleeping forest
  • Myth of Jungle
  • Angel Wing
  • Hiwaga ng Pilipinas
  • Dancing with Flamingo
  • Recollection: Art In Island (2014-2022)
  • Records in Light
  • Window of Tales 
  • The Stage
  • Stream of Life 2022

After touring the museum, customers can enjoy coffee or a sumptuous meal at the restaurant just below Art In Island. People can also purchase souvenirs to take home for their friends and family at the second level.

Where to get tickets

Museum passes for Art In Island can be bought online and onsite. While regular rates amount to P850, senior citizens, students, and PWDs can avail themselves of tickets at discounted prices, ranging from P 600 to P700. Children below three feet get free admission.



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