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How to look (and feel) your best in concerts

by RepublicAsia

Recently updated on March 20, 2024 11:35 am

THERE have been so many acts that Filipinos have seen and so many more that they will see. In the last few months alone, we have had SEVENTEEN, Enhypen, Coldplay and NCT 127 in Bulacan and Clark respectively. Filipinos have also flocked to places like Japan and Singapore to see Taylor Swift. But the year is not over yet as more acts are set to come and see their fans such as iKon, Niall Horan, RIIZE, and Enhypen. 

Yet, the question every fan has is, what do I wear? Do I choose comfort over style? Style over comfort? Dress as my bias or follow the color scheme?

Well, don’t fret because we got you. Here are four outfit ideas that can help you decide what to wear to your next concert or fan event. 

Concert theme

Photo Courtesy: @stefigutz | Instagram

The first idea is to wear an outfit inspired by the concert theme. You can get this idea from looking at the official concert poster. Take SEVENTEEN for example—their official poster for their Follow Tour was a poster of all the members looking in a certain direction wearing different-colored varsity jackets. Some members were in dark blue, others wore orange while some wore green. You can get outfits with those colors or throw on any varsity jacket with a shirt and a simple pair of jeans.  

Another idea would be to wear clothes that match the layout of the poster like what Stephanie did at the Eras Tour in Japan. Her outfit’s main point was her patchwork pants which followed the style and color scheme of the Eras Tour poster. She paired this with a long-sleeve green turtleneck and jewelry from her family’s business. Since we are in the Philippines, it might not be ideal to wear a long-sleeve turtleneck but we could go for short sleeves or sleeveless outfits for a cooler, more comfortable attire. 

Photo Courtesy: Brigitta Aquino

Another idea is to go for color schemes linked to the artist. That can be their official colors or the color schemes of the albums. During SEVENTEEN’s concerts in the Philippines, Carats (their fandom name) usually dress up in outfits close to their official colors of rose quartz and serenity.  Many Carats put on cute outfits such as sleeveless or short-sleeve blue shirts and pink skirts. Others match outfits with their friends, having someone wear pink and the other wear blue.

Many Carats dressed this way, especially during the Follow to Bulacan leg of their tour. Since it was in an open-air venue with SEVENTEEN performing at the Philippine Sports Stadium instead of the enclosed Philippine Arena, it was very hot for people which is why they opted to wear shorter sleeves and shorts.  

Photo Courtesy: Lea Disini-Aquino and Chariza Crudo

For Western artists such as Taylor Swift, fans can wear colors that are inspired by their favorite album. Some fans dressed up as “Lover,” “Speak Now,” “Fearless,” even “Midnights.”

An example of this was Liza, who watched the Eras Tour movie dressed in her favorite album, “Reputation.” She was in a long fitted black-and-gray dress that was both comfortable and cool. It was also a comfortable outfit that can be worn in concert venues like Clark or Bulacan due to its short sleeves and flowing design.

On the other hand, Chariza, who was able to attend the Eras Tour in Singapore, chose a lighter route following the aesthetic of “Lover,” her favorite album. For this, she wore a light-pink dress that was both short and breathable in the hot weather of Singapore. This is a perfect outfit for Philippine concerts since we have similar weather conditions. It allows people to look cute but also be comfortable in the heat. 

Dress as your bias

Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Gutierrez

For most K-pop fans, a popular outfit idea is to dress up as your bias. This is when you choose one outfit your favorite member wore and wear it as well. During Twice’s Ready to Be Concert, Stephanie decided to dress up as one of her biases with a cream-colored corset and jeans. This was inspired by Jeongyeon’s outfit during her “You Set Me Free” stage. It was a comfortable outfit for the harsh weather in Bulacan.

This also applies to different groups. You can get outfit ideas from any performance or outfit your bias has worn. Sunghoon fans or Penguins can try his cute “Not For Sale” outfit with its cute light blue and purple colors for a sophisticated look. This is one of the easiest outfits to put together because there is an already set outfit you can wear—all you have to do is copy but of course, you can try to add your own style to it as well. 

Some groups also have accompanying WEBTOONS based on them like BTS, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, Enhypen, and &TEAM. This is another way fans can dress up as their bias or like their bias.

Enhypen, for example, are students in their webtoons so Engenes can dress up as one of the students there. If they do not want to dress exactly like the members, they can dress up as the girl in the series, Sooha, who wears a white button-down with a cute ribbon and blazer. She also pairs this with a grey skirt which is short and comfortable in the heat of the Philippines. Engenes can wear this to Enhypen’s next fan meet in May because it is both comfortable outside in the heat but warm enough inside the MOA Arena. 

This can be done for Western artists too, though it is more common for K-pop fans since the idols wear different fun clothes. For Western artists, it is the same fans who choose which outfit they would like to wear from the clothes their favorite artists have worn. For Swift, people were dressing up in their favorite Eras, some dressed as albums while others dressed as Swift from specific music videos.

Satxi, a Filipina Swiftie who saw her in California, did this. She decided to copy Swift’s iconic “22” outfit of a white T-shirt that read “A Lot Going On At The Moment,” black shorts and hat, with red heart-shaped glasses since it was her favorite song and she was almost 22 at the time.

Though she watched in the US, it was in August which was a hot time for them, so the outfit was perfect. It is also suitable to the Philippine climate since it is very hot in some venues. This is one of those outfits that allow us to be cool and comfortable in those places. 

Comfort over style

Photo Courtesy: Nicki Reyes

There are many different outfits you can wear to fan events. You can dress as your bias, dress as an album, or even dress up as their characters—but you need to just be comfortable. Concerts and fan events create fun memories but it can also be super tiring with waiting in long lines under the heat and standing for three to four hours.

You need to remember to dress according to what fits you, what you want, as well as what you can handle. You don’t have to follow themes or outfits if you don’t want to.

Nicki, a fan who went to B.I. ‘s recent concert, did not. She opted to wear a draping halter tube top, a style she liked. She had been thinking for weeks about what to wear until finally she found a look she wanted to wear. 

Just remember to always choose an outfit that is both comfortable and represents you. Hopefully, finding your next concert outfit becomes easier and your next fan event will be more enjoyable with the right outfit.

With reports from Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino
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