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Bretman Rock lowkey throws shade at Benny Blanco’s Jollibee food review

by RepublicAsia

EARLIER this morning, Filipino-American content creator Bretman Rock took to Tiktok a video of himself eating two pieces of Chicken Joy highlighting its crispiness despite it being a leftover. “Notice how its still crispy…..,” Bretman captioned. 


Notice how its still crispy…..

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Netizens took it as a response to the American record producer Benny Blanco’s previous Jollibee review on the same platform, where he called adobo rice “dry-a**”, the Chicken Joy “soggy as f***,” and even left the remark “Don’t go to Jollibee. This shit sucks.”

Fans and Pinoy supporters defended the homegrown fast food chain on Bretman’s Tiktok comment section. 

“Imagine being shaded on by Bretman Rock,” one wrote.

“@benny blaco could never,” said another. 

“Let them know. Jollibee is not something to mess with,” another netized commented. 

In 2019, Bretman and his sister Princess Mae did a Jollibee mukbang vlog on YouTube where Bretman said, “I swear I always be featuring Jollibee in my videos like, where’s my free chicken?”

Bretman grew up in the Philippines and has always been a fan of Filipino products and services. He also promotes beauty products and bags on his instagram stories to support Filipino local products. He was noticed by the Hawaii House of Representatives and was recently honored for his positive attention to Hawaii and Filipino-Americans. 

With reports from Cybil F. Castillo


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