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Airfares expected to rise in September

by Carl Santos

If you want to travel by plane in September, get your wallets ready.

Plane tickets will likely cost more compared to the previous months after the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) raised the passenger and cargo fuel surcharge for domestic and international flights to Level 6 for the September 1–30 period, up from the current Level 4.

Depending on the distance, Level 6 fuel surcharges for domestic passenger flights range from P185 to P665, while Level 6 fuel surcharges for international passenger flights departing from the Philippines range from P610.37 to P4,538.40.

Under Level 4, depending on the length of the flight, travelers will pay P117 to P342 in fuel surcharges for domestic flights, and for international flights, the surcharge ranges from P385.70 to P2,867.82.

The average price of jet fuel worldwide increased to $123.18 per barrel as of the week ending August 11, 2023, from $112.39 per barrel as of the week ending July 28, according to data from the International Air Transport Association.

In separate statements, Philippine Airlines and AirAsia Philippines said they would adhere to the CAB’s guidance on fuel surcharges.

Cebu Pacific, meanwhile, asked travelers to book their flights as early as possible to avail of low fares.



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