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Zack Tabudlo blown away as ENHYPEN’s Heeseung covers his hit song

by Joanna Deala

FILIPINO singer-songwriter Zack Tabdulo’s hit song, Give Me Your Forever, went from being played in a livestream of K-pop superstar Jungkook of BTS to now being covered by fourth generation ace Heeseung of ENHYPEN.

Tabudlo was on cloud nine after Heeseung dropped a short cover of Give Me Your Forever, where he specifically sang the last chorus of the song.

It goes: I want you to know; That you’ll be the one; And I’ll be the guy who’ll be on his knees; To say I love you (just give me your forever); And I need you; And say I’d die for you (just give me your forever).

The K-pop idol uploaded his song cover on ENHYPEN’s official TikTok account on Thursday, along with the caption, “Surprise Present for ENGENE!”

As of writing, the video has garnered 6.1 million plays.

This song cover put the 21-year-old singer-songwriter in a state of euphoria.

“[B]ro…. freakin heeseung from @enhypen covered give me your forever holyyy molyyy,” he tweeted.

“first jungkook now heeseung what is life even. what an honor,” he continued.

This was the second time a K-pop idol interacted with Tabudlo’s song.

Tabudlo trended on Twitter in March after BTS’ Jungkoook played Give Me Your Forever during his livestream in the social media platform Weverse.

Filipino ENGENE won

Filipino fans of ENHYPEN, collectively known as ENGENE, went gaga in the comments section of Heeseung’s TikTok video.

His heart-tugging song cover sent many of them into full delulu (delusional) mode. 

One TikTok user asked, “[A]no ba talaga tayo, [H]eeseung?”

Another netizen, meanwhile, commented, “idk (I don’t know) lang ha pero feel ko talaga may crush sa’kin si [H]eeseung. [L]ike ‘di naman sa pagiging delulu pero gets n’yo ‘yon???” 

A fan replied to this comment, asking the netizen in jest if they had taken their medication.

Many ENGENE also claimed that they are Heeseung’s “proud girlfriend.”

Give Me Your Forever

Give Me Your Forever is a 2021 song about how a person can truly love someone and do anything for their happiness. 

It is part of Tabudlo’s 14-track debut album titled Episode, where the singer-songwriter talked about dealing with heartbreak, anxiety, happiness, love, and life. 

In May, the 2021 track amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify.
Give Me Your Forever gained traction on TikTok as it is used frequently as background music for videos.



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