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Who is Vic Fabe?

by Leila Salaverria

Recently updated on July 17, 2023 03:16 pm

Editor’s Note: The following story contains details which may offend sensibilities. This is not to glorify or justify the actions of the protagonists.This is an attempt to call the attention of the government and the society on this social media phenomenon.

 TWITTER, through the alterverse, has allowed various accounts to leak sexually-explicit content from different personalities, which doubles the trauma of being recorded and exposed. Since these are unregulated, the quest for accountability remains out of reach. Consequently, it continues to torment victims online. 

Take the case of Vic Fabe. A known modeling photographer of his time, whose  alleged sex videos  and photos of models were allegedly hacked in September 2017.

When uploaded the content, supposedly his own collection,  went viral and quickly reached online circulation, unraveling his explicit encounters with models to become a hot topic in social media.

Fabe received various  criticisms in light of the controversy. Others are backing him up while others claimed that he allegedly did something more to his models.

But who’s Fabe, and why are they saying all these things about him in the alter world?  

Dr. Miguel Masigan, 33, met Fabe in a fashion show when he was still a newbie in the modeling industry. Masigan,  now a doctor, said that sometime in 2011, Fabe was messaging him repeatedly,  asking if he wanted to do a shoot with Fabe. 

Since he was just starting his modeling career at that time, Masigan took the opportunity to do a shoot with Fabe.   

“Now, if you’re thinking if anything weird or bad happened, wala naman,” Masigan said. “ Actually, the whole shoot was very, very respectable. Any indecent movements or actions towards me, anything sexual, wala naman. Kahit any innuendo, wala naman. So, everything was okay. I think I had one or two shoots (with Fabe), and everything was fine.’’

But between 2013 and 2014, Masigan took note that he heard accounts telling Fabe has been “very aggressive” to his models.

From all the accounts he has heard during his stint as a Fabe model, Masigan said he was “lucky” enough not to experience such a traumatic experience. 

“I was lucky na si Vic was still starting. Wala pa siyang lakas loob or he was kind of  scared of me. So throughout time ‘yan lumakas ang loob niya to try and actually get the models, try to get them to do something else” he added.

So many people in the alter community know about Vic Fabe and his setup. He started with doing the standard shoot, commanding poses to the model, directing other angles, and later on, he would do oral sex, if we are to believe all the video that spread in the internet.

If you would search Fabe on the web, the majority of the results show sexually-explicit videos from various porn sites rather than his work portfolio. On Facebook, too, search results display pages that post Fabe’s pictorial with models accompanied by links in the caption, but when you click the link, it directs the user to a telegram channel sharing the explicit materials.

Republic Asia traced what alter people believed were Fabe’s blogs, where he archived most of his model encounters and even his way of life. At a glance, you would notice a simple repository of his works and happy memories, but if you look at the photos one by one, a more  suspicious link uncovers.

A photo was linked to a now-deleted Vic Fabe Patreon account, a membership platform that allows creators to get paid by selling their content. It is uncertain if Fabe sells his content on the platform since the subscription account has been removed, but some users ask if they have to pay for the content to be able to access the videos. 

Despite Fabe’s alleged sexual interactions circulating online, and confessions legitimizing these acts, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group found no legal cases filed against Fabe. He was also not on the radar of the NBI, according to authorities.  Which means no complaint has even been filed against him.

Which speaks volume about Fabe to this day.



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