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TV watching etiquette you should know

by Jericho Zafra

AT LAST, it’s the weekend.

After a long week of working or studying, you can now finally treat yourself to a well-deserved break and, most importantly, spend the rest of your weekend with your family. 

One of the simplest ways to spend the break is by watching television. It has been one of the popular bonding activities of families after a whole busy week. But in order not to ruin the bonding experience while watching TV, here are the TV etiquette you should know for a better watching experience:

The golden rule: turn off your phone.

This is probably one of the most essential rules of watching television or shows in cinemas or theaters that people often disregard. Putting your phone on silent mode could make vibration sounds and still interrupt people who are watching the show. Spend your days off away from emails or work notifications that can disrupt the joy of watching.

Just remember what the Blake Theater says: Be present for the moment.

Watch, not talk

According to a report from the pop culture newspaper Punch, the “no talking” rule is enforced in homes, much like in movie theaters. It’s impolite to carry on a conversation while watching TV with others because they wouldn’t be able to pay attention to what is being shown on the TV. After all, you are interrupting them from watching.

Save your comments, girl, and say it at the end of the show or during a commercial break. It is preferable to turn off the television immediately if you intend to speak with someone so there won’t be any interruptions.

Changing channels? Ask for permission

It’s a no-brainer that there are shows that honestly bore or ruin the viewer experience. However, it is better to ask for permission if you will change the channel since it’s rude to others watching to jump to another show without letting them know.

What should you do? Ask them during breaks, not while they are watching the show. During commercial breaks, ask the whole family if it’s okay to change channels, so they will be informed ahead of time that they will be watching a new show.

Use your remote control wisely

Most of the time, whoever holds the remote control has the power to influence what the family is going to watch. Don’t take the remote control for granted. It’s always better to ask what the majority wants to watch so everybody can enjoy the show. 

What should you do? Ask questions. 

  • What kind of movies or shows do you prefer to watch? 
  • Would you like to look for another show to stream instead of continuing to watch this one? 
  • Are you going to use the remote, or would you rather I change the channels? 

And most importantly: Avoid spoiling the show.

Suppose there’s a chance that you already watched the show and others in the room had not. Keep your mouth shut. Never ruin the viewing experience just because you already know what’s going to happen next or who’s the film’s antagonist. And most of all: do not reveal the plot twist, or else the whole weekend is ruined.

Refrain from frustrating the whole family by telling them the story. If you would like to spoil the story, you better stand in front of the TV and narrate the entire show. Make sure you have sound effects, too.

Have a joyful weekend, and follow these TV etiquette to avoid pillow fights.



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