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TikTok Grandma dies at 97

by Deanna Macaranas

THE GRANDMOTHER of TikTok creator—Chris Punsalan has passed away at 97 last Monday.

@firstnamechris I needed to hear this today 👌🏽 #caregiver #kapampangan ♬ original sound – Chris Punsalan

Anicia Santos Manipon also known as “Grandma” became an internet sensation along with his grandson Chris Punsalan after having to share glimpses of their lives through videos.

Chris Punsalan became a full-time caregiver of his grandmother seven years ago—straight out of college. At 22 years old while being in the last semester of his college Chris and his family realized that his grandmother would either need a full-time caregiver or would be sent in an assisting living home. 

Chris wasn’t happy with either of the option and since he hasn’t secured any job yet, he decided to become his grandmother’s full-time caregiver.

In his TikTok videos, Punsalan shared his journey as he helps his grandmother throughout her daily routine. From helping her get out of bed, to doing her daily washcloth, and full Friday showers.

The Tiktok account blossomed to having 2.4 million followers and 73.9 million likes.

A sad news came Chris had announced the death of his grandmother on a Tiktok video. 

courtesy: TikTok.com / @firstnamechris

“My heart is broken. grandma fought so hard and lived such a fruitful life. i’m relieved that she can finally rest and she’s in better hands than we could ve ever provided. I love you forever grandma.” He wrote on the post.

Upon the announcement of his grandmother’s death on Tiktok, a lot of netizens were left heartbroken.

Courtesy: TikTok.com / @firstnamechris



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