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Thriller Kdrama to binge-watch

by Deanna Macaranas

Suspense fans, these are for you!

ARE you in search of refilling the thriller section of your binge-watching list? If so, here’s a list of Kdramas you can watch on the streaming platform Netflix. 

Mask Girl 

“Mask Girl” follows the story of a young woman who initially gave up on her childhood dream of being in the spotlight because she was not “pretty enough.” Her life turns upside down when she grows tired of dealing with men’s reactions to her vastly different identities: a quiet office worker disrespected daily by her colleagues, and a mask-wearing camgirl fetishized nightly by her many adoring fans. 

Courtesy: netflix.com

All Of Us Are Dead

“All Of Us are Dead” follows the story of trapped students who must find their way out from their high school to avoid becoming a zombie. It starts off on a normal day in school when a student returns from the science lab, infected by an unknown virus.

Courtesy: netflix.com

The Glory

Dong-Eun plans a decades-long scheme to make her high-school bullies pay for what they did to her. 

Courtesy: netflix.com

A Model Family    

A cash-strapped professor unintentionally steals money from a cartel, and finds out that the only way to save his broken family is by working as a drug courier. 

Courtesy: netflix.com 

My Name    

After witnessing her father die in the hands of an organized crime group, a young woman starts seeking revenge to find her dad’s killer. 

Courtesy: netflix.com 


“Hellbound” tells of a supernatural occurrence in which people are sentenced to hell by messengers of hell who emerge without warning; as well as the religious group Saejinrihae, which was revitalized amidst the chaos; and those attempting to find the truth.

Courtesy: netflix.com



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