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The Alter Collab

by Anne Ronquillo

Recently updated on July 17, 2023 03:27 pm

Editor’s Note: The following story contains details which may offend sensibilities. This is not to glorify or justify the actions of the protagonists.This is an attempt to call the attention of the government and the society on this social media phenomenon.

SOME alter accounts and content creators on Twitter go beyond showing off their bodies for viewers. They also come together to have sex— even orgies— and create content out of these sessions. 

They call these “collabs,” and these can be more lucrative than their solo videos, according to Troy Javier, a Twitter porn star. 

Collabs offer variety and open up more possibilities for content. 

Usually mas kumikita ng malaki ‘yung may partners talaga,” Javier told republicasia.  

Those who have the body and the face that the audience are looking for at the moment could also earn well from solo masturbation videos, he said. 

They could also increase their earnings if they create good content with their partners.

Money, Pleasure

But it’s not always about money when alters collab. 

It can be for pleasure as well.

Ako, aminado din naman ako may mga gusto ako tikman. Meron din naman akong point na kailangan ko maka-quota,” he said.  

He is not a fan of orgies, though. 

Ang pinakamarami ko lang is threesome. I don’t prefer it, yung ang dami mong sexual partners, kasi dun nagsisimula yung spreading diseases like HIV and AIDS,” he said. 

But orgies do happen in alter world. 

Endless Possibilities

A check of the accounts of some of the Twitter alters or content creators show videos of groups of three or four men having sex with each other.

Usually, only snippets of the session are posted on Twitter. The full videos are  offered as premium content on their  accounts in other platforms. 

Collabs can feature alters or content creators having sex with fellow alters, with their clients, or with other individuals. 

The alter accounts and content creators also post invitations for collabs, which could be one on one or group sex activities.

Sometimes, they specify in their invitation what kind of acts would be done during their sessions, such as bondage.

The possibilities are endless when alters come together. 



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