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Sunny-cloudy today; but amihan bad news for fisherfolks

by Malou Talosig-Bartolome

IT’S a good day to be out today, Philippines. A little bit of clouds and rain here and there, but overall, yeah, it looks like pretty fair weather.

The outlier today though would be Cagayan province as they will continue to experience more rains and thunderstorms due to the weather system called shear line.

Batanes is taking the Christmassy weather feels of northeast monsoon or hanging amihan. So, residents or tourists there can have a better field day taking photos of Instagrammable sceneries Batanes is famous for. The weather forecast is simply “partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated light rains.” 

Northeast monsoon is bad news though for fisher folks and other residents who rely on sea vessels as public transport or cargo. The gale warning is still up and has been extended to the western seaboard of northern Luzon. 

“Sa malaking bahagi ng ating bansa ngayong araw,” Pagasa’s weather specialist Grace Castañeda said, “magiging maaliwalas na panahon ang ating mararanasan maliban na lamang sa tsansa ng pulo-pulong pag-ulan, pagkulog at pagkidlat.”

No low-pressure area is being monitored near the Philippine Area of Responsibility today.

However, there are cloud clusters that are forming near the southeast portion of the PAR line.

Pagasa will be continuously monitoring these cloud clusters as they may bring rains in the coming days in southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Gale warning

Pagasa said the following areas may experience rough to very rough sea conditions:


Cagayan including Babuyan Islands


northern coast of Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Sur

La Union


Ilocos Norte

Waves could go as high as five meters or 16 feet, equivalent to a two-storey building.

“Fishing boats and other small seacraft are advised not to venture out into the sea while larger sea vessels are alerted against big waves,” the Pagasa gale warning advisory said.

What is a shear line?

The narrow zone where there is abrupt change in wind direction. Rains vary from light to moderate and heavy rains.

Cagayan residents are warned of possible flash floods or landslides due to the possibility of heavy rains that the shear line would bring.

Weather outlook for tomorrow, holiday, and weekend

Planning to spend the Immaculate Conception holiday tomorrow? Weather is expected to be generally good in most of the country. A little bit of rain and thunderstorms perhaps, but cloudy and sunny, too. 

Vigan and Bohol will probably have less sun and more clouds, with a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

As for the weekend, Bohol and Cebu will be cloudy with rains and thunderstorms on Saturday. There will be more sun to catch more Vitamin D at the beaches on Sunday.

As for the rest of the country’s top tourism spots, the sun will be up on Saturday and Sunday.  But there will be rains and thunderstorms too.

Banaue Rice Terraces and Sagada in the Mountain Province will probably hit the coolest temperature at 15°C on Sunday. Baguio City won’t be a 1 degree hotter, but still way, way, cooler than the rest of country – at 16°C on Sunday.

So don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, eyeglass, and umbrellas too.

Visayas dayalekto

Ang tibook Visayas, Palawan ug Occidental Mindoro makasinati ug panagsang mapanganuron ngadto na sa madag-umon nga kalangitan inubanan sa mga pat-ak pat-ak na pag-ulan ug pagpangilat ug pagpanugdog tungod sa localized thunderstorms.

Hinay ngadto sa kasarangan nga paghuros sa hangin gikan sa Amihanang-silangan ang mupasulabi sa Visayas, Palawan lakip na ang Kalayaan Islands, ug sa Occidental Mindoro diin ang kadagatan naay hinay ngadto sa kasarangan ang pagbalud.

Mindanao dayalekto

Mindanao makasinati sa panalagsang pagdag-om ngadto sa mapanganuron nga kalangitan inubanan sa patak patak nga pag-ulan, kilat ug panalugdog tungod sa Localized Thunderstorms. Hinay ngadto na sa kasarangan nga hangin nga magagikan sa amihanang silangang direksyon ug hapsay ngadto na sa kasarangan ang pagbalud sa kadagatan.



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