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SPOTLIGHT: ECLYPSE, the next P-pop power group

by Joshua Gerona

All or nothing. We are ECLYPSE!

BEFORE finally making its debut in the music scene last month, P-pop rookie group ECLYPSE had to pull out all the stops to overcome all the obstacles along the way. 

First formed by KUMU Philippines in 2022, the group was originally a trio composed of Gilly, Lex, and Dean. They were the winners of the reality-survival show Top Class and became part of the group Top Class Five

The trainee group, however, was unable to debut under Cornerstone Entertainment due to personal reasons. 

In November, the trio would become part of the group YAMA along with four new members, Clyde, Gab, Joshuel, and Rave. 

While anticipating the group’s official debut by their fans, known as Jewels, in 2023, KUMU announced that it would no longer handle YAMA. 

The group was then transferred under the management of Merlion Entertainment and changed its name to ECLIPSE and its fandom name to MOONLIGHTS

Two months after the rebranding, they finally made their debut stage at Summer Blast 2023 held at the Philippine Sports Stadium, where they performed their unreleased pre-debut single “Yan Ang Pinoy.” 

The single was officially released on various music streaming platforms in June, marking the group’s first-ever release since last year. 

In November, the group underwent another rebranding after GKD Labels announced that they signed the group as their new artists. They changed their name to ECLYPSE

The fandom name was also changed to MOONLYTES as part of the group’s rebranding. 

After years of rigorous training and overcoming challenges, the septet finally made its debut last April 27 with the release of their two debut singles, “MASCOT” and “Shake It Down.” 

MASCOT is a love letter and thank you song dedicated to their fans for their unwavering support throughout the group’s journey. 

Meanwhile, Shake It Down is a commentary song tackling the systematic barriers that hinder people from achieving their dreams. 

According to GKD Labels, the debut singles reflect the “contrasting forces of light and rebellion.” While MASCOT touches on the concept of youthful optimism, Shake It Down serves as a counterpoint showing the shortcomings of this ‘optimism.’ 

The rebellious song is packed with various symbols, urging the public to break away from the oppressive social forces and hold on to their dreams. 

Both songs are getting positive reception, with MASCOT entering iTunes PH’s Top 10 songs.  

With the entry of ECLYPSE as the newest P-pop boy group, the septet is hoping to bring the genre to the global stage.  

Emboldened by hardships and struggles, the group is ready to be the next power group in the ever-growing P-pop industry. 

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