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How to spot a ‘Sharonian’

by Athena Yap

BACK then, the term “Sharonian” meant someone who was an avid fan of singer-actress Sharon Cuneta. But years later, it has been repurposed for something else. 

In today’s modern slang, “Sharonian” means someone who packs left-over food from events and gatherings and brings it home. 

But what’s the connection? 

Taking it from the word itself, its meaning might not be too obvious right away. But Pinoy wit just has its ways. 

The tag was taken from the chorus of the 1985 hit “Butuing Walang Ningning” where Sharon belts the word “balutin” which means wrap or to wrap. 

And so in parties, gatherings and events, if someone sneaks in some left-over feast, he/she is a certified “Sharonian!”

Now that Christmas party season has begun, foods are surely everywhere and left-overs are expected.

To give a glimpse of how it looks, here are some hilarious posts about ‘Sharonian’ on social media.

The Devoted Sharonian

Sneaky Sharonian

The legendary Lock n Lock

Fast Food in Disguise

The Pro Sharonian



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