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Senate issues arrest order vs Apollo Quiboloy (Senate document)

Senate orders Quiboloy’s arrest

by Carl Santos

THE Senate on Tuesday ordered the arrest of Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Apollo Quiboloy to compel his attendance at the inquiry into the alleged abuses within the religious group.

Senate committee on women, children, family relations, and gender equality chairperson Risa Hontiveros moved for Quiboloy’s arrest, which was approved by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri. 

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The arrest order stated that it was issued because of Quiboloy’s refusal to appear, despite due notices, at the hearings on January 23, February 19, and March 5, 2024, and he only sent his counsel ”without justifiable reason,” thus ”delaying, impeding, and obstructing” the investigation into the allegations of human trafficking, rape, sexual abuse, violence, and child abuse against Quiboloy and the KJC.

Quiboloy recently submitted his explanation to the committee on why he should not be arrested after he was cited in contempt over his absences. 

But Zubiri said Hontiveros ”found no merit in the explanation” and ”has ruled to deny the reliefs prayed for and to issue the order of arrest.”

”We are signing the order to protect our committee system and to preserve the Senate’s power of inquiry with the process to enforce it. Should the witness appear during the next hearing and purge himself of contempt, there will be no need to order his arrest,” Zubiri said in a statement.

”We reiterate that the purpose of the order is not to punish but to make the inquiry potent and compelling,” he added. 

Quiboloy has repeatedly rejected the sexual abuse allegations against him. 



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