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Show cause order issued vs Quiboloy

by Carl Santos

THE Senate on Wednesday issued a show cause order to embattled televangelist Apollo Quiboloy as the chamber sought to compel his attendance at the inquiry into the alleged irregularities and abuses within the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Signed by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, the show cause order said Quiboloy must explain within 48 hours from receipt why he should not be ordered arrested and detained at the Senate Office of Sergeant-At-Arms.

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Quiboloy was asked to attend the investigation into the alleged incidents of child abuse, rape, sexual assault, and large-scale human trafficking within KJC, which he established.

However, the pastor did not appear at the hearings of the Senate committee on women, children, family relations, and gender equality on January 23, February 19, and March 5, 2024, prompting the panel to issue a subpoena and then citing him in contempt.

Five senators, led by Robin Padilla, tried to overturn the contempt order, but they were unable to secure the necessary eight votes. 

The pastor countered that the subpoena’s issuance went against his constitutional rights against being forced to testify against himself and the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty by the courts.

He also challenged his accusers to file charges against him in court.



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