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Secret codes from the universe: Angel numbers and what they mean

by Joyce Remo

EVER came across the numbers 1111 repeatedly, while checking the time on your phone, or looking at your grocery receipt? Were there times you’ve noticed your current favorite song is three minutes and thirty-three seconds long, or perhaps you’ve encountered the same numbers engraved on your taxi’s plate number?

In the realm of numerology, seeing these numerical patterns and repetitions is no coincidence at all. Also called “angel numbers,” these number sequences are said to contain secret messages from the spiritual universe to guide people in the daily course of their lives.

But what exactly are angel numbers and why should people listen to these so-called signs from the universe?

Angel numbers defined

Professional angel whisperer and numerologist Linda Berry said in a Reader’s Digest article that angel numbers are repeating numbers or number sequences that she believes are messages from people’s personal celestial team of angels.

Number patterns like 1111, 5555, and 7777 are either used to gain people’s attention, remind them of something crucial in their lives, or confirm ideas they were curious about, Berry said. 

She further said that angel numbers are typically more persistent as they often show themselves to people more than once.

“They will usually show up and catch our attention on at least three separate occasions in a specific period of time,” the article quoted Berry as saying.

She added that if the same number pattern shows up repeatedly, people are more likely receiving some message they shouldn’t ignore.

Since angels and other divine guides are constantly in contact with people, they are trying to keep people on track, according to Mystic Michaela, an aura reader and author of The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You

“When you do things that align with your soul goals, you feel more aligned, whole, happy, and at peace in your life,” Mystic Michaela was quoted saying in a Women’s Health article.

She added that angel numbers help people steer themselves to a better place by decoding these messages from the universe.

Meanwhile, TikTok user Brittany Bento (@britannybento) said that sometimes, these signs are the way for people’s divine guides to say they are not alone.

“It’s simply your guides, your angels, your spirit team just being like, ‘hey, you’re not alone, we are with you’ type of a thing,” she said in a TikTok video.

The meaning behind angel numbers

Angel numbers often evoke a sense of wonder. Those who believe in this metaphysical concept would often find themselves musing on what insight, wisdom, and directionality the universe is trying to convey to them.

While one can see angel numbers anywhere — in clocks, addresses, phone numbers, price tags, receipts, license plates, and much more — the codes they see are not as random as one may think it is.

Different numbers carry different symbolisms. Here are the most common angel numbers and what they mean, according to Reader’s Digest.

  • 000 or 0000 – New beginnings and opportunities will come your way.
  • 111 or 1111 – You’re on the right path.
  • 222 or 2222 – Trust in yourself.
  • 333 or 3333 – Embrace creativity and growth.
  • 444 or 4444 – You are in the process of establishing stability that’s built to last.
  • 555 or 5555 – Major changes are on the horizon, be hopeful.
  • 666 or 6666 – Refocus and pay closer attention to what’s in front of you.
  • 777 or 7777 – Seek divine guidance.
  • 888 or 8888 – You’re on the path of financial success.
  • 999 or 9999 – Convert negativity to positivity. 

While angel numbers may help people maneuver through their lives, it’s still best to take a step back and only take what resonates with them. 



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