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SB19’s new summer song ‘Moonlight’

by RepublicAsia

ALL rise, A’TIN! P-pop boy group SB19 just dropped its new song!

The phenomenal quintet returned to the music scene on Friday, May 3, with their new single “Moonlight,” a collaboration song with US-based DJ Ian Asher and Chinese electronic producer Terry Zhong.

Photo courtesy: Sony Music Philippines

The dance-pop track is the group’s first song release following “GENTO” in 2023. The dance-pop track expresses one’s romantic desires for another individual. A part of the single’s chorus goes, “Doing what we do in the moonlight; I be loving you baby all night.”

In a statement, the P-pop kings said that such a “sensual pining” song is something “new” for the group, but it gave them the opportunity to discover more about themselves.

“The production is very current yet experimental, but it also gives us room to explore and expand our horizons as artists,” SB19 said.

They added that the collaboration with Ian Asher and Zhong opened their creative realm to “exciting new possibilities.”

The group also praised Ian Asher, whom they met during their tour in the United States, for how talented he is at such a young age.

Before the release of “Moonlight,” SB19–composed of Pablo, Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin–dropped their individual posters where they were all wearing white suits and eyeglasses.

They also shared a snippet of the choreography for “Moonlight,” which A’TIN said could be a new TikTok dance craze. It can be recalled that SB19’s “GENTO” dance challenge took the internet by storm, with international artists like K-pop stars joining the trend.

‘Moonlight’ MV

“Moonlight” was accompanied by a music video, directed by no other than SB19’s youngest member Justin.

In the three-minute clip, SB19 members showcased their synchronized dance moves, which some fans likened to artistic swimming–a water sport where athletes perform synchronized dance routines. Several A’TIN theorized that the P-pop boy group was performing under a swimming pool, as the water could be seen above them.

“Synchronized swimming pala yung steps I did not expect this what?? Everybody was thinking ayslum but they’re pool tiles,” one fan said.

Another fan commented, “Their formation is the same as synchronize[d] swimming [and] with their mouths closed, it gives us the illusion that they are underwater… Genius!!!”

Explaining the video concept, Justin said that the song’s “euphoric undertones lyrics” allowed him to incorporate “a little bit of craziness and out-of-this-world treatment.”

“It’s a very simple but minimalist take, but the dance choreography really elevates the visuals to a different level,” he added.

Justin emphasized that the three-minute clip was totally “different” from their previous music videos.

The P-pop group recently concluded its “PAGTATAG!” world tour in Dubai and Japan and is preparing for their upcoming two-day Manila concert on May 18 and 19 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

SB19 roots

After three years of training, SB19 made its official debut in October 2018 with the self-written ballad “Tilaluha.”

They had Pablo as the leader and main rapper, Stell as the main vocalist and lead dancer, Josh as the lead rapper and sub-vocalist, Ken as the main dancer and lead vocalist, and Justin as a sub-vocalist and youngest member of the group. 

The name “SB19” came from their previous company ShowBT, while 19 is the sum of each digit of the Philippines’ and South Korea’s country codes – 63 and 82 (6+3+8+2=19).

SB also stands for “sound break,” which represents their goal of breaking into the Philippine and international music scenes.

In September 2019, SB19 became viral on Twitter after releasing their dance practice video for their song “Go Up.” The P-pop boy group has since achieved success locally and abroad.

With reports from Jhovie Berasis


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