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PVL: Creamline’s Ced Domingo heads to Thailand

by Bryan Gadingan

AFTER a successful release from her mother team, former Creamline Cool Smasher Celine Domingo signed with the Nakhon Ratchasima VC for the Women’s Volleyball Thailand League.

Domingo’s desire to follow her goals abroad was granted by the Cool Smashers last week. Ced’s management, Virtual Playground, announced on Monday where Domingo will pursue her career. 

“Thailand has always been one of the famous volleyball countries, and to be part of [Nakhon Ratchasima], I know I’ll grow more and be able to give back to Philippine volleyball when I get back as a more mature and better player,” said Domingo.

The FEU Lady Tamaraws standout believed this opportunity is a stepping stone to improving the country’s volleyball competition. She said she was inspired by other players who have taken their talents to an international level.

“Looking at my ates who have set the standard [Ate Ly, Jaia, Jia Dindin, Mylene, MJ and Iris] nakaka-proud that I also got presented with this honor and opportunity to be the 8th women’s volleyball import from the Philippines,” she said.

The former PVL Finals MVP extended her gratitude to the Filipino volleyball community, particularly the management of her former teams Creamline and Rebisco, for their support as she chases her aspirations abroad.

“As I take on greater heights, I will always remember the steppingstones that Philippine volleyball, most especially Creamline and Rebisco, have allowed me to step on. Dreams would have just been dreams if it weren’t because of them,” she shared.

Salamat po to Rebisco management, Virtual Playground, my Creamline family— coaches and teammates—my family and supporters. I hope I make you all proud!” said Domingo in her statement.

Domingo will be met by a familiar face when she joins the Thai team, as she is expected to reunite with her former Creamline coach Tai Bundit, who guided Nakhon Ratchasima to the men’s and women’s Volleyball Thailand League championships in February.

Domingo joins Chery Tiggo stars Mylene Paat and Dindin Santiago-Manabat, all of whom played for the Thai powerhouse last year. 

The middle blocker wants to see more Filipino volleyball players pursue their goals of playing internationally and representing their country. “I pray that more and more dreams turn into reality as we elevate Philippine volleyball,” she said.



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