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Pura Luka Vega

On Mama Mary’s birthday, Pura Luka Vega reiterates ‘drag is not a crime’

by Carl Santos

DRAG artist Pura Luka Vega expressed her sentiments on Friday as she faced charges stemming from her controversial Ama Namin performance.

Posting a selfie of her with the Hall of Justice building in Quezon City in the background, the 33-year-old reiterated that ”drag is not a crime.”

”This experience has highlighted hypocrisy and is an education on hate. This is hate. We are facing these charges in the hopes of upholding freedom of expression for all. The law should not be used to persecute minorities for our unique cultural practices,” she said on Instagram.

Screenshot of Pura Luka Vega’s Instagram post

She made the statement on the same day Catholics celebrated Mama Mary’s birth. 

”Happy birthday, Mama Mary! Might have some drinks later,” she said. 

Pura Luka Vega has drawn criticism due to a viral video that showed her singing and dancing to the remix version of Ama Namin while dressed as Jesus Christ.

She was then charged with violating Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, which penalizes immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions, and indecent shows, by the Philippines for Jesus Movement and a group of Black Nazarene devotees. 

Aside from the criminal complaints, several local government units have also declared Pura Luka Vega persona non grata.

Pura Luka Vega had said that the performance was not meant to mock the Christian faith and that her intention was “to challenge our notions of how we worship or how we sing our prayers.”

Her supporters recently called for donations that will be used to fund the drag artist’s legal battle. 



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