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New Korean shows on Netflix this 2024

by Joanna Deala

IT’S time to update our movies and series tracker because streaming service Netflix has just unveiled a new lineup of South Korean shows that are set to premiere on the platform.

On Tuesday, Netflix uploaded a 3 min 43-sec video of all the K-dramas and films for 2024, including several popular Korean Netflix originals.

Here are the shows coming to the platform this year:

First quarter

Among the series that will premiere soon is “Chicken Nugget,” a comedy-drama that tells the story of a young woman who turned into a chicken nugget after she entered a mysterious machine that she mistook for a fatigue-recovery machine.

“Queen of Tears” will show the chemistry between actor Kim Soo Hyun and actress Kim Ji Won as they play the role of a married couple in crisis. The series recently released its first teaser.

Actor Song Joong-ki has a new Netflix movie titled “My Name is Loh Kiwan,” where he will play the titular role of a North Korean defector. 

From his soft and free-spirited character in his last K-drama, Choi Woo-shik will unleash a different side as an actor in the crime series “Killer Paradox,” where his character is tailed by a detective after he accidentally kills a serial killer.

“Doctor Slump,” “The Bequeathed,” “Captivating the King,” and “Badland Hunters” are now available on Netflix.

“Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany” and “Physical:100” are also returning with new seasons.

Second quarter

This quarter will bring “The 8 Show,” which will revolve around eight people in need of money who participate in a reality variety show called “Money Game.” The winning prize is 44.8 billion won but it will be deducted once the contestants avail themselves of necessities like food and water, which are 1,000 times more expensive than their normal price.

Netflix is also offering “Parasyte: The Grey,” the Korean live action of Hitoshi Iwaasaki’s Japanese manga “Parasyte.”

There will also be new unscripted series which are “Agents of Mystery” and “Super Rich in Korea.”

The third season of “Sweet Home” will also premiere along with “Hierarchy.”

Third quarter

International hit series “Gyeongseong Creature” is also returning with a new season in the third quarter. The story will continue in Seoul in 2024 from Spring 1945 in the first season. Han So Hee’s character Yoon Chae Ok will meet Ho Jae, who resembles Park Seo Joon’s role Jang Tae Sang.

The latter half of 2024 will also feature “The Whirlwind,” a political drama that follows the story of a prime minister of South Korea who wants to punish the country’s corrupt president.

“The Frog,” which will also premiere in the third quarter, will star Kim Yoon Seok, Yoon Kye Sang, and Go Min Si. An unscripted series titled “The Influencer” is also on the list.

There will also be a movie titled “Officer Black Belt,” top-billed by Kim Woo-bin who will play the role of a martial arts prodigy.

Fourth quarter

Two new series will premiere on Netflix during this period: “The Trunk” and “Mr. Plankton.”

“The Trunk” will center on a woman named In-Ji who works for a contract marriage provider that offers its clients a spouse for a one-year contract marriage, while “Mr. Plankton” is about a man named Hae Jo who embarks on a journey to find his real father.

New films “The Great Flood,” starring actress Kim Dami, and “Uprising,” top-billed by Park Jung Min and Kang Dong Won, will also be coming to the streaming platform.

2024 will not be complete without new seasons from “Single’s Inferno,” “Zombieverse,” “Hellbound,” and “Squid Game.”



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