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Netflix shows to watch while waiting for Fionna and Cake’s next episodes

by Gaby Agbulos

GUESS what, Adventure Time fans? The long-awaited series, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, is finally out!

Serving as a spin-off series to the beloved show, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake follows the lives of… well, Fionna and Cake, two characters that the Ice King wrote fanfiction about in one particular episode of the show. 

There are a total of ten episodes to be shown on HBO Max. So far, three episodes have been released. Episodes 5 and 6 are scheduled to come out on September 14. 

While waiting, here are some other shows you can watch that give off Adventure Time vibes, whether they be whimsical adventures or relatable moments of sudden existential crises. 

  1. Bee and Puppycat

Bee and Puppycat originally started as a YouTube series created by Natasha Allegri, and was later picked up by Netflix as a rebooted series in 2022. 

This show follows Bee, a woman in her twenties, and her grumpy but loving sidekick Puppycat, a dog-cat hybrid who speaks in soothing Vocaloid tones. 

Together, the two complete a multitude of tasks given by a large machine called TempBot, to pay for Bee’s monthly rent. What’s unique about their tasks? They often take place on different planets, where Bee and Puppycat have to face an assortment of monsters, ghouls, and other wacky characters. 

Fun fact! Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, is also a writer, voice director, and storyboard artist on several episodes of this show, which may explain why the two give off the same vibes. 

From the crazy adventures down to the sense of humor, Bee and Puppycat is a pastel-hued, slightly adult show that touches on a lot of the same themes as Fionna and Cake, such as dealing with life in your mid-twenties as someone with an imaginative mind, when everyone else around you is telling you that you need to grow up. 

  1. Midnight Gospel

Also created by Pendleton Ward, this show has been described to be Adventure Time but for messed-up adults, throwing any notions of subtlety or niceties straight out the window.

This adult animated show is about Clancy Gilroy, a pink-skinned spacecaster who floats around in a color void, surrounded by a number of different simulation farmers. 

Throughout each episode, he meets new creatures as he travels from planet to planet, talking to them about a plethora of topics as he interviews these creatures for his spacecast. 

The conversations in these episodes are based on actual interviews that the creator, Duncan Trussell, had done for his real-life podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. 

With each episode where Clancy tries to escape whatever apocalyptic event is thrown his and his guest’s way, he manages to discuss things like forgiveness, spiritualism, and existentialism. And all while still managing to make his guest feel right at home.

  1. Tuca and Bertie

If you’re looking for something a little more risqué in nature, Tuca and Bertie may just be the show for you. 

This show follows two adult women named Tuca and Bertie, both struggling with the many problems associated with adulthood. Bertie is a song thrush, a corporate office gal with a love for baking, who’s recently moved in with her boyfriend Speckle.

Her best friend, Tuca the toucan, serves as her complete opposite: she’s wild and is jumping from gig to gig, and suddenly has to deal with Bertie moving in with her boyfriend, forced to adapt to the changing times. 

Tuca and Bertie is a bit more grown-up than Adventure Time fans may be used to, but is perfect for Fionna and Cake viewers given that the latter now includes things like swearing and jokes that definitely wouldn’t fly on Cartoon Network. 

With each episode, Tuca and Bertie get into a ton of wacky situations, but never lose time to talk about the problems that they’re facing in their lives, dealing with them however they can. 

It can remind viewers of Fionna and Cake in a lot of ways, but the main thing is this: though it’s surrounded by wackiness and silly adventures, at its core, it is sincere and heartwarming. You just have to give it time.

  1. Hilda

Based on the graphic novel created by Luke Pearson, Hilda’s titular character is a young girl who’s just recently moved with her mother Johanna and her pet deerfox Twig to the city of Trolberg. She is trying her best to befriend the monsters suddenly showing up outside her home. 

If you’re looking for something that resembles the OG Adventure Time, wherein Finn and Jake would spend most of their time just beating up monsters and hanging out, then this kid’s show is a great watch. 

Nevertheless, it never loses sight of dealing with relatable, real-life problems, as both Adventure Time and Fionna and Cake do. 

As an added bonus, Hilda has several beloved actors voicing its characters, such as Belle Ramsey from The Last of Us playing the main character of the show.

And if you finish the series, the film Hilda: The Mountain King is also available for streaming on Netflix, where Hilda has to face the horrifying situation of dealing with suddenly becoming a troll.

  1. Inside Job

Netflix’s Inside Job, created by Shion Takeuchi, follows a group of eccentric individuals who all work for the American shadow government Cognito, Inc. 

The leader of this pack is a young woman named Reagan Ridley, a brilliant scientist with rusty people skills. Expecting to earn a promotion after dedicating her life to the company, she’s blindsided when her bosses suddenly decide to hire a man named Brett Hand to be her right-hand man, instead. 

Despite her initial disdain for him, though, the two eventually grow to become a team that keeps the rest of their group – which include a psychic mushroom and a half-human half-alligator hybrid – in line. 

Sharing Fionna and Cake’s adult humor along with the freedom to put its characters into seemingly any situation, no matter how crazy they may be, Inside Job is just the right amount of being touching, hilarious, and brutally violent, all at once.

Unfortunately, the show has since been canceled, which fans may never forgive Netflix for. Regardless of this little hiccup, you can watch two seasons of the show and wonder with each one if Brett and Reagan ever get together because, in our minds, they definitely do. 



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