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Netflix and Reflect: 10 Netflix movies to watch for Holy Week

by RepublicAsia

NETFLIX and Chill with soul-nurturing meaning.

With the solemnity of the season, many people look forward to quiet times of contemplation and relaxation as Holy Week draws near. 

For many Filipinos, Holy Week is generally a time of profound spiritual reflection and family bonding that is usually marked by Holy Masses or worship services and other spiritual activities. While many people go out to do spiritual traditions or book a summer getaway, others consider staying indoors for their annual self-reflection.

Are you still thinking and searching for worthwhile pursuits to engage in this season alone or with your family and friends? 

Get ready for your ‘Netflix and Reflect’ on this list of movies that can help to delve into and discuss stories of faith, hope, and redemption.

The Two Popes (2019)

Based on real-life events, with veterans Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce tell an intimate story of one of the most dramatic transitions of power in the last 2,000 years. This movie chronicles the events that transpired when Pope Benedict and future Pope Francis found common ground, forging a new path for the Catholic Church. 

Blue Miracle (2021)

Finding faith even out of the sea. ‘Blue Miracle’ starring Jimmy Gonzales, Dennis Quaid, and Anthony Gonzalez, tells the actual story of a guardian and his children forming an odd alliance with a boat captain to win a fishing competition and save their boys-only orphanage. During this Lent season, this movie may help you to reflect on the power of the human spirit, redemption, and keeping dreams alive. 

Noah (2014) 

Based on the Biblical story that most people famously grew up with, directed by Darren Aronofsky, starring Russell Crowe Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connolly, and Emma Watson, this film adaptation tells the story of Noah and how he was chosen by God to build a “new world” as mankind has grown too sinful. 

Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)

Four sisters reunite to dissuade their younger brother from marrying his fiancee. Starring Star Cinema’s most prominent young actresses, Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, and Shaina Magdayao, the theme of the Filipino film directed by Cathy Garcia Sampana centered around the idea of family and sibling relationships.

Unforgettable (2019) 

If you are spending the Holy Week with a pet at home, this Filipino drama film starring Sarah Geronimo, directed by Perci Intalan and Jun Robles Lana, will take you on a wonderful journey with a special girl named Jasmine and her newfound dog who encounter a challenging journey along their way going back to her sick grandmother in Baguio. 

Nothing to Lose (2018)

Nothing to Lose is a faith and spirituality biographical drama. The film, which was adapted from the original version to English, centers on the controversial Brazilian evangelical leader, Edir Macedo, and how he founded the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and RecordTV, Brazil’s second-largest television network.

Come Sunday (2018)

Come Sunday, directed by Joshua Marston tells the story of Bishop Carlton Pearson, a rising star among evangelicals until he was ostracized by his own church and declared a heretic after he started preaching that there is no Hell. The movie challenges core beliefs that may allow people to reevaluate perceptions of their beliefs this lent season.

Doll House (2022)

This Filipino film, directed by Marla Acheta, starring Baron Geisler and Althea Ruedas, shows an authentic take on what it means to live with the circumstances and consequences of life that may help to reflect on the life choices and challenges a person makes. This movie is a father-and-daughter story that is worth watching this Holy Week. 

A Week Away (2021)

If you are looking for a fun musical film, this Netflix original film directed by Roman White, highlights a troubled teenager who spent a week at a Christian summer camp to help him get his life back on track. Despite his reservations, he eventually opens his heart to new people, blossoming love, and renewed faith.

The Shack (2017) 

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, The Shack, delves into a father’s uplifting spiritual journey that will definitely help you reflect this Holy Week on the transformative power of redemption through forgiveness. 

With reports from Naomi Ferwelo


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