Nabudol? Herlene Budol withdraws from Miss Planet over “uncertainties by organizers”

by Leila Salaverria

BEAUTY titlist Herlene “Hipon Girl” Budol will no longer pursue her dream of wearing the Miss Planet International crown.

Budol’s manager Wilbert Tolentino announced on Facebook that he withdrew her from the pageant being held in Uganda because of “uncertainties by the organizers.” 

Tolentino, the Miss Planet Philippines national director, said there had been attempts to address the “pageant debacles,” but the efforts were not enough. 

“It seems like the Ugandan Government has no initiative to intervene,” he said.

He described their experience as “traumatic.”

In an earlier post, he said many participants in the pageant were unable to enter Uganda because they did not have the vaccine for Yellow Fever.

He also said the resort that sponsored the organization backed out, and the back-up hotel was unable to accommodate the candidates, forcing them to look for their own places to stay. 

Tolentino apologized to Budol’s supporters over his decision to withdraw from the pageant. 

“We apologize to the supporters, who were rooting for since day one. To the team, sponsors, and designers. Thank you and I am sorry,” he said.

He was also “very hurt” over the turn of events, as they lost a crown as well as money, effort, and time, he said.

“But we will never lose hope, because we have [a] bright future back home [that] awaits,” he added.  

He thanked those who protected Budol and her team and kept them safe in Uganda. 

According to its website, Miss Planet International’s mission is to “seek the perfect women to represent our mission to preserve our beautiful planet. A beautiful woman who truly believes and supports all causes related to conservation efforts being carried out by champions of the planet.”

Budol, a former TV host and comedienne, was the first runner up in this year’s Bb. Pilipinas pageant.

Miss Planet would have been her first international pageant.

Photo credit: Herlene Budol Instagram



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