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Music of the new generation 

by Deanna Macaranas

MUSIC genre amongst generations has kept on evolving, and it is evident that as the years go on, people’s tastes in music develop as well.  

We went from being fond of the Rockabily style of Elvis in the ‘50s to the upbeat disco tunes of ABBA in the ‘70s and to loving the Contemporary R&B style of one and only Queen Bey. 

For most people belonging to Generation Z, it is mostly evident that their taste in music genres revolves around pop, rap, rock, and R&B. And according to Spotify’s 2023 Wrap, the top-leading global artist among Generation Z is none other than Taylor Swift.  

It is easy to search these on Google; after all, it only takes several clicks to see the results of what you’re looking for. But have you ever thought about whether the taste in music genres is limited to this? Is Swift the only artist nowadays that is known to youngsters? 

For this article, Republicasia gathered the RA babies to ask about their choice of music genre and music artists or bands.


For Aya, she often gravitates toward the genres of indie and K-pop along with a bit of movie soundtracks. But among the three, she often listens to Indie. As for her favorite artists and bands, she listens to boygenius, Lucy Dacus and Mitski. 

“It makes me feel like maybe life can get better,” she said. “I don’t know, those artists make songs that I find myself relating a lot to and just being like wow…thank u for sharing ur experience w me and allowing me to exist w ur music…” 

Aya’s song recommendation:  


Anya’s choice of genres revolves around phonk, techno, and industrial music. According to her 2023 Spotify Wrap, her top artist is English electronic dance band “Progidy.”

“I like noisy music as it makes me feel hyped, especially when I’m working out. You know, you just need that kind of music to just like get your blood pumping.” 

Anya’s song recommendation:


Danica is into South Korean R&B and lately, she’s been listening to South Korean singer-songwriter DEAN. According to her, the reason she prefers listening to this type of genre is its “super chill” melody.  Soft and chill melodies help Danica feel at ease. 

“It’s super chill, which is also my mood. So when I’m working and strolling around, I prefer listening to that so it’s just chill.” 

Danica’s song recommendation: 


The type of music that Ivan is listening to revolves around the genres of alternative and rock. His top choice of band is the American rock band Fall Out Boy.

“I grew up with this kind of music playing all the time; its basically just a comfort, I would say,” He said. 

Ivan’s song recommendation: 


Jae often listens to alternative/indie music, but in terms of favorite artists and bands, she doesn’t really have one in particular as she listens according to her mood. She prefers listening to this type of genre because it feels light for her.

Jae’s song recommendation: 


When it comes to selecting a genre, JD doesn’t really have one or two genres in mind, as his choice of song depends on what he’s feeling. According to him, his top choices for artists and bands are Kendrick, Kanye, and Linkin Park. 

His choice of genre is something to hype or boost his day. JD also mentioned that he’s been more into throwback songs lately. 

JD’s song recommendation: 


Joanna listens to a variety of genres depending on her mood, but more often than not, she listens to pop and R&B. Due to her listening to a variety of genres, Joanna is a multi-fan of many bands and artists. 

“I found myself repeatedly listening to international singers such as NIKI, lullaboy JUNNY, Jimmy Brown, and DEAN. I’m also a fan of K-pop, and my top groups are GOT7 and SEVENTEEN. Locally, I’m in love with Denise Julia and her music,” she said. 

Joanna listens to these types of music genres as they easily catch her attention and lift her mood. This is especially applicable during those days when she feels unmotivated and drained. 

Joanna’s song recommendation: 



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