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La Batiang Resort (near Chocolate Hills) - photo: La Batiang/Facebook

More resorts constructed in Chocolate Hills

by Carl Santos

IT APPEARS that the Chocolate Hills in Bohol have become a popular location for resort development.

Aside from The Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort, two other such businesses were built close to the well-known tourist destination, which is a protected area, according to House Deputy Majority Leader Erwin Tulfo on Friday.

He identified the two establishments as Sagbayan Peak and La Batiang Resort. All three resorts are located in Sagbayan town. 

”Grabeh (sic), pinaghati-hatian na nila ang Chocolate Hills,” Tulfo said.

Senator Nancy Binay, chairperson of the Senate tourism committee, also said that another resort, Bud Agta in Carmen town, was ”cited by environmentalists for illegal structures near the Chocolate Hills.”

A lot of internet users questioned how a resort could be constructed next to the Chocolate Hills, the first UNESCO global geopark in the Philippines.

They also want the government officials who permitted Captain Peak’s construction to be held responsible. 

Captain’s Peak is currently not operating in compliance with the closure order issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in September 2023. 



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