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Mikael Daez shares hilarious wedding moments with Megan Young for their third anniversary 

by Athena Yap

KAPUSO  actor Mikael Daez celebrated his forthcoming wedding anniversary with Miss World 2013 Megan Young by sharing funny scenes from their special day three years ago. 

In his Instagram post on Monday, January 23, Mikael showed followers the wacky side of Megan in a series of videos and pictures compressed in one reel.

He posted the reel to celebrate their January 25 wedding anniversary in advance. 

Expectation vs reality 

In the 20-second clip, the power couple first acted out how they were expected to behave during their wedding reception.

This was followed by videos and clips showing how they really acted on that day.

One clip showed an apparently drunk Megan being assisted as she tried to walk, while another photo showed her passed out on the bed. 

In his caption, Mikael greeted Megan in advance. He said he would love to share the story behind the photos and videos, but it would take too long and he’d probably need a podcast episode to explain everything.  

Supportive comments 

Netizens found the reel funny and said so as much in the comments section. They also felt the enjoyment of the love birds and shared their good wishes for the couple.

Some said they hope to experience the same incredible bond that the couple has. 

Meanwhile, other commenters praised the beauty queen for still appearing classy and gorgeous despite her drunkenness.

How their love bloomed

Mikael and Megan were very lowkey in the beginning of their relationship. But in 2017, the actor shocked their fans when he finally revealed that the two of them have been in a relationship for years. 

It started when Mikael offered  Megan a jacket during an event because he saw her feeling uncomfortably cold.

Fans also find their terms of endearment for each other to be cute. Mikael calls Megan Boneezy, while she calls him Fofo. They shared the story behind the pet names for each other during their wedding reception. 

According to Mikael, he thought of the term when he noticed Megan’s collarbones. From then on, he began to call her “Bones” or “Boneezy.”

On the other hand, Megan started calling him “Fofo” after he told her about his older brother’s attempt to curse him out. His brother was trying to call him “mofo” but ended up saying “fo-fo.” 

Megan found it funny and began calling Mikael “Fofo.”

The couple dated for 9 years before finally getting married in 2020.

Now, the two of them have more admirers because of the relationship advice and testimonies they share on their podcast “Behind Relationship Goals.”



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